Book Review

Laura Griffin
Rating: 9
Heat: 3

If you enjoy gritty, edge of the seat thrillers, UNFORGIVABLE is a must read. The third book in Laura Griffin’s Tracer series is an exciting read with intricate plot twists and strong, believable characters.

When Mia Voss, a high tech DNA expert, is kidnapped by a carjacker she soon discovers it’s not a random attack. Soon there’s more threats, each more sinister than the last. She’s forced to accept help from the one person she thought she would never see again, Detective Ric Santos.

Ric took advantage of Mia’s trust during collaboration on a case six months ago when he asked her to escalate her lab work. She readily agreed, certain the sizzling attraction was mutual but as soon as the investigation was over, Ric disappeared without so much as a “goodbye”. Unfortunately for Mia, time has not lessened her feelings.

When Ric Santos shows up to investigate a carjacking and shooting, he’s ill prepared to run headlong into the one woman who got under his skin and stayed there, Mia Voss. Familiar urgings immediately take over as he questions her about the assault, urgings he’s ignored ever since he walked away months ago. As much as Ric would like to act on his desires, he realizes Mia is more than just a quick fling. She’s looking for a serious relationship. He’s not.

Battling the dangerous sparks between them is not nearly as hazardous to Mia as piecing together the evidence from several gruesome murders. When Mia closes in on DNA proving the heinous crimes were committed by the same sadistic madman, she places her own life on the line to prove her theory.

Ric tries to tell himself he’s just doing his job by putting Mia in protective custody while they unravel a mystery that dates back years to an old cold case. It’s all part of being a good detective. But deep down, he knows he’s taking things way too personal. If anything happened to Mia, it would hurt much more than the past betrayal he’s worked so hard to keep secret. He’ll do anything to keep Mia safe, even if it means risking his own life.

UNFORGIVABLE is classic romantic suspense. It has the heat and passion of a great romance and the layers of subtle clues evident in a great crime story. Ms. Griffin has once again impressed me with her knowledge and detailed description of forensic science. I was completely fascinated by the procedures Mia performed to extract DNA. A savvy, smart heroine or hero ultimately means the author has done her homework.

This is a book that will appeal to both genders. The romantic attraction is there and definitely sizzles but doesn’t overpower the thrilling hunt to find the killer. I love romantic suspense and can usually decipher the clues to uncover the villain early on. I’m delighted to say I was completely blindsided by this one.

Don’t miss out on this exciting series. There are two secondary characters I really enjoyed so I was pleased to learn they will be the next story in the Tracers lineage. If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer for that special reader in your family, I highly recommend UNFORGIVABLE. And if you want an extra kiss on Christmas morning, make sure you include UNTRACEABLE and UNSPEAKABLE.