Attention All Writers…

A Word. My Kingdom for a Word!

Have you ever sat in front of the computer, staring at your monitor or searching a Thesaurus for a word…and still felt frustrated because nothing seemed to convey exactly what you had in mind?

I have. And if you’re a writer, I know you have, too. What tools do you use when a dictionary and standard thesaurus just don’t seem to work?

I’ve compiled a list of websites that will help you break through the block. I can’t take credit for finding all of them. They come courtesy of some savvy tweeps on Twitter, great bloggers and a lot of internet research. I especially want to mention Angela Ackerman as an awesome resource. You can follow her on Twitter @WriterThesaurus or @AngelaAckerman. She blogs at

I hope the following links will be as useful to you as they are for me.

Reverse Dictionary:
List of Phobias:
Emotion/Setting/Colors & Shapes Thesaurus: (and much more!)
Character Trait Chart: (another great blog chock full of wonderful advice)
Writing Realistic Injuries:
The Character Archetypes: (This link is for heroes. Look in the left column for others)
Plot Generator:
Grammar & Punctuation: and
British Phrases:
Slang Dictionary:
Research Links: (a delightful hodge podge of interesting links)

There’s so much information in cyber  space; this list could go on and on. But I’ve given you enough distraction. Now go back to what you should be doing which is finishing your manuscript!


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  1. kristallee

    Thanks for the links, Deb. There have been times my blinking cursor has nearly hypnotized me as I stared it willing the “perfect” word to come forth.


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