Book Review – “Stone Kissed” by Keri Stevens

Keri Stevens
Carina Press

When a fifth generation witch, a succubus with an uncontrolled lust, and a virile, strong willed treasure hunter vie for ownership of the same house, you know sparks are going to fly.

Delia Forrest, a quiet dedicated stone conservator with a long held secret, loses her ancestral home to fire. Her estranged father is badly burned in the blaze and lies comatose in ICU at the local hospital, forcing Delia to return home for the first time in years. Her powers as a witch, with a special talent for conversing with the statues she repairs, comes rushing back.

Grant Wolverton and Delia’s father have a long standing dislike for one another. Grant has never liked Vernon Forrest when years ago he first witnessed the man’s cruel behavior toward his daughter. His dislike escalated as they competed against each other for antique treasures. Beating Vernon at his own game tempered Grant’s victory with a bit of smugness. As a result, he’s far from sympathetic upon learning the Steward ancestral home has been damaged by fire. Rather, he sees it as a great opportunity to own a beautiful historical property where he can finally put down roots.

Cecily Johnson has a history of sucking men dry…literally. As a succubus, she views it as simply a matter of survival. But Cecily sees something she wants more than a quick thrill – the Steward house. She learned about the strange powers on the Steward family land a long time ago and wants to tap into the powerful energy. Cecily plots to possess the ancestral home and the man who bought it, Grant Wolverton, as well. His money and power will feed her craving for years. Or at least until he dies like the rest.

STONE KISSED was a good read. Keri Stevens has shown real promise with this book. I’m giddily curious to see what else she produces.