A Must Have Resource for Writers

 The Writer’s Guide to Queries, Pitches and Proposals

Moira Allen – Allworth Press

This book represents exactly what the title says it does – a comprehensive guide for queries, pitches and those dreaded proposals/synopsis. Consider it a must-have resource for writers of fiction and and non-fiction alike. Loaded with relevant examples and written in an organized, easy to understand style, the book – simply put – delivers.

Any writer whose plans include attending a conference should study the section on pitches. As more and more editors request proposals for multi-book contracts, it would be wise to read some tried and true suggestions. I’m a visual person and love examples. This book was manna from heaven.

Many writers today find themselves branching out to other media outlets to survive the tight market. Whether you’re considering a newspaper/web column, magazine article, novel or travel guide, this book will tell you how to successfully present your idea to the powers that be.

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