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I’m developing a new website right here on WordPress to publicize my alter ego, Alexis Thomas and a sizzling series of Paranormal/Fantasy novellas.  Here’s a sample. I’d love to hear what you think. (DISCLAIMER: Sensual content follows.)

The Cool Rides, Hot Nights series
Paranormal novellas with an erotic twist

Kylie Baker knew at an early age she was different. It didn’t deter her from trying to fit it.

By the time she was ten, Kylie had become a chameleon – camouflaging her true nature to blend with whoever was her friend at the moment. During her teens, she did her best to stand out, even to her detriment. As she grew into her twenties, she stopped caring what anyone thought.

In two days, Kylie will celebrate her thirtieth birthday, along with a sizeable fortune from a trust fund.

Her plan: to ride her motorcycle through each of the forty eight continental states in search of a kindred spirit. Someone with unusual “talents” like herself.

Kylie Baker is about to discover a whole lot more.


The road beckons to me.

Wind buffets  my face, rippling the skin on my cheeks like rolling waves against the shoreline. My fingers tighten around the grips on my Harley Davidson as I maneuver a turn in the highway and accelerate when it opens up into a straight line.

The rumbling pipes and road vibration feels good between my legs. Like a man’s hand – stroking, caressing, arousing. Perhaps better.

I love this time of the day. This time of the year. The afternoon sun is warm against my black leather vest and the crisp mountain air is filled with scents of autumn. I briefly wonder if it’s possible to be reincarnated as an inanimate object. If so, I want to come back as a motorcycle. I want the ride to go on and on forever.

I can feel my braid whipping against my back, bound in a tight hair glove. A grin lifts one side of my mouth. I remember the first time I rode my Harley with waist length locks snapping in the wind, thinking it looked sexy. A forced haircut later, I chalked it up to lessons learned.

My grin melts into a grimace. So many things I’ve learned over the years. It’s a wonder I survived.