Kitty Needs A New Name!

Some wanderers cross our paths for a reason. Take this little guy, for example. He showed up at my work two weeks ago. Malnourished. Open wounds. Eyes matted together. Infections. Several people at work brought out bits of food. I think we all hoped kitty would just go away so we could brag about our meager attempts to feed it without taking responsibilty for it’s welfare.

The cat was dying. I knew this but didn’t need another pet. I have a dog and cat already. So I made a few phone calls to rescues organizations and left messages. On Friday night, I drove back and sat a big dish of real cat food near a tree. He was very happy but looked a little forlorn when I drove away. Kitty stayed on my mind all weekend and I secretly hoped it would be gone on Monday.

Then a funny thing happened. Hubby and I were watching a TV show and this girl made a comment to another character. He was complaining about God not helping him out of his predicament. She responded by saying something like, “Most people constantly ask God what He can do for them, but I ask God what I can do for Him.”

Now, I’m not fanatical about religion. In fact, I consider myself more spiritual than religious. However, this comment resonated with me. So on Monday, I took our cat carrier to work along with a ziplock bag of cat food. If the cat was there, I was going to bring it home. The clinics and rescues had not returned my calls but I couldn’t let the kitty suffer another day. I wanted to make a difference in this one little creature’s life. It was a chance to show God that I could do what was right without wondering how it was going to affect me or how much money it would cost. I would do this because it was the right thing to do.

Kitty was still at the door to my work when I arrived. At the end of the day, I sat the crate on the parking lot and put some food inside. He easily entered, almost like he knew he was going someplace better. We had quite a conversation on the way home. He was vocal but not in an annoying way. More curious, than anything.

It’s been ten days since I brought kitty home. I’ve administered antibiotic which has helped tremendously. His front legs are a little crooked, I’m assuming from malnourishment. Many of his front teeth are missing or broken off at the gums. His cuts and bruises are healing and his coat, while still thin, has lost the dull, greasy look. He still has an ear infection but his breathing is good and his belly is beginning to round out. I can’t count his ribs anymore and his hip bones are not as pronounced. His head still looks too large for his body but I think in time he’ll be fine.

He should be strong enough in a week for neutering and shots. My intention was to rehome him with a good family. I accomplished that. He’s staying with us. He gets along wonderfully with my Golden Retriever who was rehomed, and my tabby cat who was a feral rescue. He hasn’t missed the litter box once. And he loves to cuddle.

Even my hubby likes him. Of course, he likes animals as much as I do but he doesn’t try to save them all like me.

Now comes the most important part of my blog. Kitty needs a new name. I thought of Moses because goodness knows how long he wandered about in the wilderness but all my pet’s names start with “J”. Jake the dog, and Johnny the tabby.

I need your suggestions so Kitty can feel like he’s part of the family. The winning name will be posted in my blog.

5 thoughts on “Kitty Needs A New Name!

  1. Janet Brooks

    Hey, Jude! Don’t be afraid…I know you’ve found a good home. What do you think, Deb? Does Jude work or not? Janet


  2. Tonya

    What about Phoenix? Sure sounds like he rose from the ashes. Or if you want to stick with J names, how about Jasper? He looks like a Jasper to me.


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