Initial Thoughts on Google + (via Kristen Lamb’s Blog)

Initial Thoughts on Google + Actual photo of Kristen Lamb on the inside. When I first saw Google + pop up on the social media radar, I tried to ignore it. But, as an expert people tend to believe we know what we’re doing. I have tried to convince you guys that I make this up as I go, but alas I some of you sent me messages like this: So, what do you think of Google +? Um is… Crap. Is it too early to drink? a viable answer? I was just kind of hoping they would stop inventing … Read More

via Kristen Lamb's Blog

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  1. Author Kristen Lamb

    Thanks Deb for the shout-out. Oh and get that “aspiring” out of your bio. You are doing, not aspiring :D.


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