Paranormal Suspense – The Good, The Bad and The Sexy

I love reading and writing romantic suspense. I also enjoy a well written paranormal when the author constructs a believable world. Blending the two genres was a no brainer for me. Paranormal Suspense. Suspense that is out of this world. Where the only thing normal is the suspense. Yeah, I’ve been playing with tag lines.

The key to writing good paranormal suspense is keeping the characters and story line as normal as possible. It doesn’t matter if the heroine has blue skin or the hero is a werewolf as long as their story is emotionally charged. The reader has to connect to them on a human level. Which means the author should spend more time on GMC and less on describing the creature’s physical features unless they can tie the appearance to the character’s internal/external conflict.

World building is another area that can be overdone. I’ve read paranormal and fantasy novels where the author put so much effort into creating an extraordinary world that the plot became secondary. Usually the story line really kicks in around the third chapter but by then I’ve lost interest and gone in search of a new book.

Paranormal Suspense should contain all the elements of a fast moving thriller. Creatures, super human powers and atypical settings can actually add to the suspense. The author has the option to create new weapons, more colorful villains and add another layer of angst by making one of the main characters human and the other not.

My Paranormal Suspense WIP is entitled “An Unholy Alliance”. It has some twist and turns that I hope will be a surprise for my readers. It also challenges belief systems. It’s meant to be edgy and I think it is.

Just for fun, I decided to take my Paranormal Suspense in another direction by adding erotic elements. I use the pen name Alexis Thomas for those hot, sexy manuscripts. An excerpt of “Demon Heat” is available at my alternate website,

Please stop by and leave a comment. Am I on the right tract or have I completely derailed?