Humble Pie . . . Um, um, GOOD!

Yessiree…I’ll eat Humble Pie any day!

As you know, I released my debut novel on Amazon, “Stone Cold Justice”. It’s a nice little romantic suspense that I originally targeted for Harlequin Intrigue but they came out with a similar story line from an established author and didn’t bite on mine. Understandable. No hard feelings.

But it didn’t change the fact that I felt mine was worthy of a read so I published on Amazon. The outpouring of support has been phenomenal. I have been holed up in my office, butt in chair, hands on keyboard, even suffering through a self-imposed moratorium on social media, and not feeling connected to my peers in any way, shape or form.

I release my book and presto! I can’t believe the numbers of people who helped promote, mention it on FB and Twitter, posted to group sites, told their friends . . . I mean, seriously, I’m humbled. I had no idea some of these people even knew I existed, much less imagined they would take the time and energy to help promote my debut novel.

I’m watching my “sold” numbers climb as I attach a sling to my head to keep my mouth from gaping.

So bring on the Humble Pie. And believe me, when the time comes to repay the favor, I’ll be first in line.

Thank you, friends and associates. You’ve made me proud. And humble.