Balancing Act

“Stone Cold Justice” is doing amazingly well on the Kindle charts. I’m uber excited about the positive reception.

Isn’t it odd how life likes to add balance to the equation? I’ve been so focused on pushing myself to create this wonderful “author” experience that I must have upset the ratio. So now the universe has sent a couple of messages to rein me in. My daughter started experiencing a few issues with her new pregnancy. Got through that. My friend at work is having a few personal issues. Concerned about that. My husband is working insane hours on his job and now must attend mandatory training which will allow him about five hours sleep over the next 48 hours. Worried about that. And finally, I get a call today from my daughter-in-law telling me my son is in the hospital with a ruptured disc in his back that may require surgery.

Okay, universe….I get it. I am paying LOTS of attention to my family and friends. I’m not obsessing about my writing anymore. I’m working on shifting the balance. Can you please stop sending the damn messages? Mama Bear doesn’t like it when you mess with her cubs.

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