WINNERS! And more news . . .

Congratulations to the two winners who entered my contest at The Romance Reviews! Gwen H. and Caroline T. received copies of my Urban Paranormal, The GATEKEEPER, from the Clans of Tagus series. Speaking of which . . . the second book in the series, The WARRIOR, is scheduled for release around mid June.

Other news . . . My alter-ego, Alexis Thomas, will be releasing her first erotic novella, Nice Girls . . . DO!, next week. It’s the first in a naughty series called Dark Pleasures.

I’m in the process of tidying up another romantic suspense I wrote a few years back. Hope to have it ready for fans of Stone Cold Justice next month. It’s tentatively titled (say that 3 times real fast, tentatively titled, tentatively titled, tentatively titled) Red Hot Danger. Set in Phoenix and the stunning  red rocks of Sedona, it’s a sexy thriller about a hunky Alpha cop trying to protect a photographer who unknowingly snapped pictures of a murder. I’ll save the rest for the blurb.

Lots of good reads coming your way! Stay tuned!


1 thought on “WINNERS! And more news . . .

  1. Janet Brooks

    What a clever title, “Nice Girls . . .DO!” Best wishes on fabulous sales, too! Your tongue twister “tentatively titled” reminds me of one my roommate in college didn’t intend to make. She was trying to say “pitch tents.” She tried three times in quick succession, but the phrase always came out wrong. Use your imagination or try to repeat that phrase quickly, and you’ll hear what I mean.


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