Mudpies and Semi-Trucks

I’m running a week behind publishing my new romantic suspense, Red Hot and Dangerous, but I have an excuse. Let me fill in the gaps so you know what I’ve been up to.

I started a part time seasonal job merchandising nursery plants for a big box store. No, it’s not Wally World. I love working with plants. It’s therapeutic. What a fun job – playing with pretty flowers for 5 hours on random days. And I get paid for it. Superb!


The truth is I feel like I’ve been run over by a semi-truck. Not once but several times. I ache in places I didn’t know I had muscles. My knees throb. My feet are numb. My nails are broken and I can’t get the dirt out of my cuticles.

Yep. This is fun. Having a grand time.

It rained this morning. I arrived at 7 a.m. and started moving  Boston Fern hanging baskets from an A-frame rack. Do you know how much water a fern basket can hold? Enough that by 8 a.m. my shorts, socks, shoes and shirt were soaked. Not just wet but dripping. I wore a new t-shirt which I purchased large since I knew it would shrink in the dryer. Wet t-shirts on an over 50 (even a fairly athletic over 50) body is not good.

We received 35 carts of various plants. Many of the store employees took a rain day off. My associates with the plant merchandising firm were no-shows. So it was just me. And 35 carts, 5 shelves high. Merchandising during recurring thunderstorms. I squeezed water from my gloves seven times. Soil impacted gloves and rainwater make mud. Lesson learned: Do not wipe your nose with soil impacted gloves saturated by rain. No one . . . and I mean no one . . . will tell you about the brown streak on your face.

The good news is the shorts that fit snugly when I started this venture are now much looser. So loose that after they became saturated by the dripping ferns and thunderstorms, they began to sag. If I had known my shorts were going to hang past my crack, I’d have worn boxers. Then I could  have really made a fashion statement.

I arrived home and found particles of plants in places where the sun doesn’t shine. Don’t ask me how they got there. I have no idea. I was so tired, I didn’t care. Couldn’t think. Couldn’t move. It was a challenge to stand for more than five minutes. My knees shook, my muscles quivered, my toes curled with cramps.

But it’s all good. I’m having a ball.

Thank God it’s almost over.


About Debra S. Sanders

Debra is an RV nomad, traveling full time with her husband, dog and cat. She writes, hikes, star gazes and loves discovering local lore from America's back roads.

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  1. Janet Brooks

    Red Hot and Dangerous delayed by Blooming Mudpies and Semi-Trucks?
    Not for long, I bet. Congratulations on the upcoming release and the new photo!


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