Romantic Times Review and Fun Quiz

Romantic Times Reviews Monthly Quiz is a fun way to find out which genre will provide the best read for your taste. And guess what? The GATEKEEPER is one of the suggested titles.  Go to to take this short quiz.

How cool is that??? The GATEKEEPER is one of my featured titles at for only 99 cents. Prices go up after June 22nd. Hurry and purchase your copy now. You can read it later!

RT also rated The GATEKEEPER with 4 stars in their June issue. Here’s the review in case you missed it:

“World domination, and the individuals who prevent it, is the central theme in Sanders’ clever tale. Kylie is a strong woman, searching for her family, caught in a battle between good and evil. Readers will love the adventure and romance woven throughout.

Summary: Kylie Baker finds out that her mother may be alive and that she has left her a small fortune and a very special necklace. Clay Eden is immediately infatuated with Kylie – so much so that when she leaves him behind in an effort to save him, he follows her across the country. Kylie is deep in trouble when Clay catches up with her. The secrets and lies, and the fate of the world, could keep these star-crossed lovers at bay.”

Thanks to Sabrina Cooper for a great review.

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