Angels vs. Demons Blog Hop

Angels and demons and giveaways . . . oh, my! The Angels vs. Demons Blog Hop is underway. You have until July 1st to visit the blogs and enter to win exciting prizes including a Kindle Touch!!! Details below.

Who loves  a bad boy . . . er, demon? I do!!! Demons can personify all sorts of delicious traits from very, very good to very, very bad. Don’t get me wrong. Angels are great. But demons . . .  well, they’re too tempting to resist.

When writing The GATEKEEPER, I created my evil Tagusian warlord to resemble a demon by giving him red facial markings and fiery eyes, the defining traits of the warlord clan. The description blended well with my heroine’s assumption he was a demon from the bowels of Hell.

Developing a demon goes beyond physical appearance. As with any villain, they must be multi-faceted to really get under the reader’s skin. Evil incarnate usually didn’t start that way and  Orellius from The GATEKEEPER is no exception. He has deep rooted psychological reasons for wanting to cross the portal and conquer Earth. It’s not just a power quest. And since he didn’t die at the end of book one, you’ll have to read book two (The WARRIOR) in the Clans of Tagus series to find out what happens. It should be available mid summer.

The GATEKEEPER, Rated 4 stars by Romantic Times, is available at Amazon. Nook readers….stay tuned. It’s coming to Barnes and Noble. Click the link on the cover photo in the sidebar to read more about this exciting tale. Hope you like your urban fantasy HOT because this one has a heat level of 5.

And now to the exciting part of the blog hop… CONTEST and PRIZES!!!!  ONE winner gets a Kindle Touch & ONE winner gets a $60 Amazon or Barnes&Noble Gift Card.  How cool is that???  All you have to do is comment below and be sure to INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. Just to make things interesting, anyone who comments on my blog will also receive a $10 dollar Amazon or B&N gift card. You’ll still be entered in the grand prize giveaway. This is just something I’m doing in addition to the other great prizes from my fellow bloggers.

Hop to the next blog by clicking HERE for the list, or click the page link in the top menu bar.  You’ve got 103 blogs to visit so get started . . . but don’t forget to leave your comment here first!!!

52 thoughts on “Angels vs. Demons Blog Hop

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  2. Denise Z

    I so have the Gatekeeper on my wishlist and cannot wait to read it. Thank you for participating in this fun hop 😉 Today I am choosing angels.


  3. Shadow

    Fallen Angels! Okay, maybe demons. I love bad boys! 😀 Thank you for the awesome giveaway!


  4. Adila Mammadova

    For me it’s how a writer creates one. I would love any creature written well, so can’t choose between angels & demons.


    P.S. thank you for your kindness


  5. bookattict

    Demons are the ultimate bad boys, and I have a major “thing” for bad boys, so I’m definitely Team Demon!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com


  6. Tina B

    I am Team Demon! I love the sound of The Gatekeeper, so I added it to my TBR. 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!
    trb0917 at


  7. June M.

    If I have to choose, I go for team demon.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com


  8. Lisa Hackney

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!! I could never choose between angels and demons…. I love them both too much!


  9. Penumbra

    I like Angels. The idea of those strong, soft, wings folding around me would be heavenly! 🙂



  10. caitymack

    a warrior angel or even fallen angel makes the top of my hero list

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com



    Demons are my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com


  12. Donna/BLHmistress

    Demons though I do love a bit of Angel too those bad boys win it for me everytime.



  13. Renee B

    Woohoo! I love blog hopping!
    What a great way to discover new blogs and visit with old friends. Everybody wins this way!
    Team Demon all the way. LOL
    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win!


  14. Shanna Roberson

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I am Team Demon! Love those bad boys! 🙂
    taghairmpyxi at aol dot com


  15. Starla Rae

    Angels, there is more to them than appears. Their good guy image tends to hide their sexy ways. They can protect me from evil any day.

    starlaraeven at gmail dot com


  16. Janet Brooks

    Congratulations on the 4 star RT review for GATEKEEPER! Thanks for the reminder about multi-faceted villains and the giveaway!


  17. Sue Sattler

    I’m sticking with both. Oh the naughty things I could do with an angel and demon and me!



  18. dgmolly

    I’m team both! I do like a naughty demon, but I think it would be fun to have an innocent angel for a little balance.


  19. booklover0226

    Demons, please. I love me some bad boys!! LOL

    The Gatekeeper sounds great; I’ve added it to my wish list.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com


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