More from Sue Grafton on Publishing & Indie Writers | LouisvilleKY

More from Sue Grafton on Publishing & Indie Writers | LouisvilleKY.

Let Ms. Grafton’s explanation for her comments speak for themselves. She’s a talented author and I respect her right to voice an opinion, even though I’m not sure I agree with what she said during the original Forbes interview. ‘Nuff said. Get back to writing!


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  1. She was not interviewed by Forbes, although Forbes did quote my interview with her from in an article about indie publishing.

    It may have been a quagmire, but from all of this, I think real, healthy, important conversations were started between trad pub and indie writers that were long overdue. Thanks for linking to the 2nd interview.


    1. Deb Sanders

      Thanks for the clarification! Sorry I referenced the wrong source. I heartily agree we have some interesting dialogue going on.


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