CONTEST: Best Use of Pinterest

I’m sure many of you already utilize Pinterest to showcase likes, dislikes and anything else that has a photo attached to it. I’m just now arriving to the party so all this is new to me. However, I visited a few author sites and LOVED the storyboards they’d created to accompany their books.

Passion breeds action, so I’m in the process of creating my own inspiration photos for my various titles, and having a barrel of fun doing it. My current WIP, The WARRIOR  – which should release mid-September – is the second book in the Clans of Tagus series. I’d always envisioned Chris Hemsworth in full Thor character as my “warrior”. Posting his photo as “Artimon from the Warrior Clan” made me giddy. Of course, hubby says I spend too much time staring at the photo but I tell him I’m looking for inspiration. Yep. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The GATEKEEPER, Book One in the Tagus series, focused on an inter-dimensional portal between two worlds. Since my heroine’s main squeeze was a cowboy, it seemed appropriate to locate the portal in a rather unusual landmark outside Austin, Texas.  Hamilton Pool is a tropical oasis that is as far from cowboys and rodeos as you can get.  I used to live near Austin so it’s  fun to include places I’ve visited in my stories.

Now for the contest. Since I’m new to Pinterest, I’d love to hear how writers/readers utilize this unique networking opportunity. The best idea wins a $10 gift card from your choice of Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Just leave a comment with your idea, be sure to include contact info, and I’ll post the winner on Sunday.

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