How Do You Like Your Romance?

pleasuring abigail


Alexis Thomas

An Erotic Romance novella


“Pleasuring Abigail” sizzles but still contains a certain sweetness and humor that tugs at the heartstrings.

Abigail Dutton is devastated when wealthy financier, Oliver Harrington, breaks off their engagement just weeks before the wedding. She’s worked hard to be the “perfect” mate – tempered her spontaneity, colored her natural red locks to a more respectable shade of  brown, and endured the pompous arrogance of her fiance with a patient smile. In other words, she’s lost her identity.

Abigail is certain her life is finished. She’s an over-thirty school teacher, lost her confidence and forgotten how to live. All that’s about to change.

When new neighbor and self-professed cougar, Charlotte, moves in down the hall, she takes Abigail under her wing and vows to restore the girl’s zest for life. Charlotte presents Abby with a sex toy so she can experience a real climax. Next she dyes her protege’s hair to a brilliant shade of red. And then convinces Abby to use her honeymoon tickets to Hawaii for a girl’s vacation getaway.

Abby soon meets Mitch, a sexy fellow tourist who is more than happy to introduce her to the pleasures of coupling. And then some. Abigail insists they keep things on a first name basis to assure her anonymity but finds herself charmed by the man both inside and outside of the bedroom.

Afraid of being hurt again, and confused by her new sexual desires, Abigail flees the islands and returns to her home in Sacramento.

Like a snowball rolling down hill, her life takes a few unexpected turns. Oliver is eager to restore their engagement. Mitch is not ready to let her go. And an opportunity to explore her darker side emerges. Abigail must come to terms with what . . . and who . . . she wants in her life.

“Pleasuring Abigail” is a fun, coming-of-age romance about a late bloomer who realizes one can blossom at any age.