Calling All Bloggers – Win A $250 GC!!!!

I’m participating in a book sale by Indie Authors May 1-3. We need bloggers to help get the word out and we’re willing to make it worth your while!

Between now and April 27, bloggers can sign up to commit to post about the sale in exchange for an entry into a special incentive giveaway drawing. Any blogger who signs up and then follows through to post about the event between May 1-3 will be entered to win a $250 gift card and a runner-up gift card of $50. You will be sent the text of the blog post on April 28, but the post must not go live until May 1. As long as the post goes up between May 1 and May 3 (and you signed up ahead of time), you’ll be entered to win.

To facilitate this incentive, we’re using a blog tour company to help with the signups and to help us spread the word far and wide. But we need your help! This is open to book bloggers, book reviewers, mommy blogs, soap opera blogs, dance blogs,blogs about saving money, whatever! If you think your followers are potential readers, then sign up!

The bloggers who sign up to help us will be given the text of the blog post (along with a graphic and a video they can post), so it makes it super easy content to upload to your site and allows you to alert your readers to a cool sale. In doing so, you’ll be entered to win! (And of course, you can always enter the regular giveaways on our website during the sales event,  as well!)

If you’re unable to participate, please send this link to anyone you know who might be interested in helping us promote. This includes your author friends, of course! We’re equal opportunity. We won’t turn away any offers of promotion. 🙂

But remember, all bloggers MUST sign up by April 27 at the link provided above in order to receive the info for the blog post and to be eligible to win the gift cards!

Let the fun begin! And stay tuned for an incredible book sale May 1-3!!!!