Romancing the Cowboy in “Nothing But Trouble” by Lisa Mondello

Love Me Some Cowboy Button Tour 300 x 225“Nothing But Trouble” by Lisa Mondello is one of the featured stories in the highly acclaimed contemporary western anthology, “Love Me Some Cowboy”.

I originally read and reviewed “Nothing But Trouble” in 2011. And I’m still in love with the story in 2013.

Lisa Mondello’s writing has that effect on me. The first book I read by this author bored a hole right through my heart and now nothing can fill it up except another Mondello tale.

I’m re-posting my original review with a note that every romance reader who loves sexy cowboys (are there any who don’t?) MUST read this wonderful story. You won’t be disappointed.


I love westerns, cowboys, and sexy romance – especially when the characters are polar opposites. Perhaps that’s why I enjoyed “Nothing But Trouble” by Lisa Mondello. Now, I know cowboys are not everyone’s cup of tea but Stoney Buxton is not just any cowboy. He’s a bull rider with an agenda. He needs money to help with the family ranch and his dad’s medical bills.

Melanie Summers is offering to pay him an impressive sum to act as her guide for a one month foray into the Wyoming wilderness because she has an agenda, too. Melanie is a zoologist with plans to go to Kenya. Unfortunately, her protective father is funding the project and objects to her trip, vowing to withdraw his support if she goes. They reach an agreement – if Melanie can survive one month in the wilderness, he’ll support her trip. Melanie knows her father intends to pay off any guide she hires to sabotage her efforts so she finds Stoney, a stubborn man but one who has enough pride to refuse her father’s bribe.

And the fun begins. What Stoney doesn’t realize is Melanie is a diabetic. Her parents have coddled her throughout her life and now she desperately seeks personal freedom. When Stoney tries to protect his client, he doesn’t understand why she gets so mad. Melanie thinks he’s acting like her parents. He sees a sheltered city girl who is out of her element.

“Nothing But Trouble” is a romance. It’s not trying to hide that fact. But there’s an underlying thread of building a relationship with someone who has an incurable disease like diabetes, and I found that an interesting point. I recommend this book to anyone who likes cowboys and sexy romance.


His jaw tightened. Yes, there was something definitely wrong here. And money had nothing to do with it. It had everything to do with this beauty standing in front of him, who was clueless about what she was getting her pretty little hide into. “No,” he replied tersely.

“Mr. Buxton, I need your help.”

“Tourist season is in full swing. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding someone else.”

He turned his back to her and began walking along the fence toward the barn, almost forgetting… Abruptly, he glanced up and saw the charred remains of the barn. The place where all his troubles had started just one year ago. It hadn’t taken but a second for him to hear her boots digging into the dusty gravel behind him, jarring him from his thoughts.

“Then I’ll do it myself,” she said to his back.

His whole body stiffened. He angled back to read her face, to see if she was just being a spoiled rotten rich kid, trying to get her way, or if she was actually serious. Seeing her head held high and her arms crossed in front of her, he realized she was dead serious.

And dead she’d be if she stepped one boot into those mountains alone.

“You’ll do no such thing.”

Frustration flaring, he lifted his dusty hat and forced his fingers through the thick crop of black hair before returning the hat to his head.

“You just don’t get it, do you? You’re not asking me to take you on a theme park ride where you’ll get to see the wonders of the world at a nice safe distance. This is God’s country. The creatures that live up there don’t know civilization, and you are no better than them. You could–probably will–get killed if you go out there alone.” His lips twitched, taking a good long appraising look at the woman in front of him. “You might even chip a nail on that pretty hand of yours.”

Love Me Some Cowboy

Lisa Mondello, Jean Brashear, Day LeClaire, Ginger Chambers, Barbara McMahon

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-939925-03-9

BOOK DESCRIPTION:Love_Me_Some_Cowboy_Anthology_Western_Romance

Who can resist a tough, rugged cowboy?  Not these feisty, determined women!

Five full-length novels at a steal of a price!

In Nothing But Trouble by USAToday Bestselling Author Lisa Mondello, city girl Melanie Summers must spend an  entire month alone in the Wyoming wilderness with sexy rodeo cowboy, Stoney Buxton, without getting into trouble.  Possible?   Not a chance in the world!

USAToday Bestselling Author Jean Brashear adds Lone Star flavor with Texas Secrets.  Boone Gallagher returns to the only home he’s ever known only to find it’s been willed to a sexy stranger who’s intent on leaving.  He must keep her there for thirty days or it will be lost to them both.

Love romantic reunion stories?  Then much-loved Harlequin author Barbara McMahon has the perfect book for you!  Crazy About a Cowboy brings you Sam and Lisa Haller, who divorced for all the wrong reasons.  Now Sam wants his ex-wife back for all the right ones.

Once Upon a Cowboy by Day Leclaire, author of the wildly popular Dante’s Legacy series, introduces Cami, a lovable, greenhorn spitfire determined to become a cowboy, despite the objections of her sexy rancher boss.

And last, but far from least, beloved Dell and Harlequin author Ginger Chambers offers a heartwarming treat with Love, Texas, in which Cassie Edwards returns to the hometown she’d forsaken to negotiate the sale of land belonging to the Taylor family. Hard-working rancher Will Taylor, once her girlhood crush, is all man now and fighting hard to save his heritage. When attraction flares, will true love triumph?