Spotlight Review: Obsession by Sharon Buchbinder


Obsession Button 300 x 225 July - Aug Sharon Buchbinder

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Page Count: 288
Word Count: 71392

ISBN : 978-1-61217-867-7


Book Description:

A year after a barbaric childbirth, complete with a near-death experience and an encounter with her guardian angel, Angie Edmonds is just happy she and her son, Jake, are alive.

She’s finally in a good place: clean, sober, and employed as a defense attorney.

But at the end of a long work day, she finds herself in a parent’s worst nightmare: Jake has been kidnapped and taken across the Mexican border by a cult leader who believes the child is the “Chosen One.”Stymied by the US and Mexican legal systems, Angie is forced to ask the head of a Mexican crime syndicate for help

Much to her chagrin, she must work with Alejandro Torres, a dangerously attractive criminal and the drug lord’s right-hand man.

Little does she know Alejandro is an undercover federal agent, equally terrified of blowing his cover–and falling in love with her.

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If you’re in the mood for a steamy Romantic Suspense that keeps your interest with clever plot twists, emotional angst, and believable characters, then be prepared to obsess over “Obsession” by Sharon Buchbinder. Seriously, this is one of those books you just can’t put down. Okay, sometimes I’m guilty of judging a book by its cover and I fell into that trap with “Obsession”. The bad boy model made my heart go pitter pat a few times before I finally turned to the first page. After that, he came to life in the form of sexy alpha male, Alejandro, a high ranking official in a drug cartel. I love saying his name . . .  Alejandrrrrooooo . . . . Ahhh, it stays on my tongue like a dab of rich chocolate, teasing, taunting my taste buds. Sigh. I digress.

Alejandro is the perfect foil for strong minded Angie, our heroine suffering a mother’s worse nightmare. Her child has been kidnapped by his grandparents and taken to a Mexican mountain hideaway belonging to a religious cult. Angie’s father, a delusional self proclaimed prophet, believes the infant is the “Chosen One”.

Now this is where the story line gets heavy. Poor Angie survived a horrible childhood at the hands of her parents but not before trying to escape the memories with drugs and alcohol. She’s sobered up and turned her life around only to find her parents are back for round two, this time using her small son. To think her baby has been carted away by this drugged up, incestual couple is almost more than she can bear.

Alejandro steps in to help and things start to sizzle. Angie believes he is part of the drug cartel and fights against the attraction, not realizing he is actually an undercover federal agent who is focused on not blowing his cover. Angie’s tale will keep you on the edge of your seat.

It’s a great read for  Romantic Suspense fans, Thriller fans or just those of us who love a spicy romance. Read it! You’ll be glad you did! Rated 5 stars.


“You’re not like any of the drug dealers I’ve ever met before. What’s a nice guy like you doing in a place like this,” Angie waved her hand at the villa, “with goats?”

He pulled the key out of the ignition, turned, raised his sunglasses, and winked.

Her breath caught in her throat, and her stomach tensed—but not from giggles. Handsome, charming, breath taking. And a drug lord. She was not falling for a drug dealer. No. Way. Not again.

As if reading her thoughts, he gave her a long, sexy smile that went all the way up to piercing azure eyes. Pinned by the intensity of his scrutiny, her boneless arms refused to move. Almost otherworldly in color and intensity, his bright blue gaze and slow non-verbal assessment reminded her of someone she’d met long ago. Who? Where? The man had to be the devil incarnate. Maybe the goats were his.

He reached over and placed his hand on her shoulder with care. The gentle touch and warmth of this chivalrous man’s hand on her shoulder warred with the hard, cold knowledge that he worked for one of the biggest cartel bosses in Mexico. Alejandro tipped his head toward the mansion and spoke in a low rasp.

“Here, at this house, no one is what they seem. Remember that. It could save your life.”

Alejandro climbed out of the VW bug and glanced at the woman through the windshield. Dammit. Of all the drug cartels in all of Mexico, why did this gal have to come to Isabel’s? And why did she have to be so damn—winsome? Under that kick ass exterior, the woman had a childlike quality and sweetness that reached into his chest and squeezed his tough heart. He shifted his gaze to the munching goat. He had to stop thinking about her that way. She was a momentary bump in an otherwise smooth operation. There was no room for romance in his life. His weekly visits with the lovely Natasha satisfied his needs. What more could an undercover agent want?

He shook his head. It was the damn mother card. Hooked. Again. First the sex-trafficked Natasha, who really did have a daughter being held hostage by an organized crime ring in Moldova, now Angie, who had a baby being held hostage by an organized religious cult. Since when did criminals and cults become organized? Had they all gone to business schools for MBAs? What was the world coming to?

He sneaked a glance at Angie. Why, oh why, did she have to be a redhead, too? Her long copper colored hair was the erotic equivalent of waving a red cape in front of a horny bull. Add the gorgeous breasts that he tried to pretend he didn’t see in the craptastic jail, her battered but still beautiful patrician face, and her warped sense of humor—and he was ready to slit his jugular. As if feeling the heat of his gaze through the glass, she looked up and gave him a teary, lopsided grin with perfect teeth. His heart lurched. He pressed his eyeballs to crush an image of grabbing her and pulling her into her into a passionate kiss on her full red lips. If he didn’t stop, he’d have a hard time explaining his hard-on.

About the Author, Sharon Buchbinder

I’ve been writing fiction since I was in high school and have the rejection slips to prove it.sharon buchbinder

After I graduated with a BA in Psychology and no job, I realized my dreams of working in the attic writing great prose would have to take a back seat to the simple pleasures of eating, drinking, and having a roof over my head.

Fast forward a few decades, and I had a career path that would make all but the kindest say, “What were you thinking?” After working in health care delivery for years, I became a researcher, then an academic. I had it all– a terrific, supportive husband, an amazing son, and a wonderful job. But that itch to write (some call it obsession), kept beckoning me to “come on back” to writing fiction. I spent one whole month away doing nothing but writing fiction, the first of many drafts of my first novel.

My genres include horror, mystery, romance and weird blends of the three. For a sampling of my work (fiction and nonfiction), click on “Stories and Links“.

When not attempting to make students and colleagues laugh, I can be found herding cats and dogs, golfing, deep sea fishing, or writing.

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      A thank you is better late than never, I hope! Been supervising recovery for a hospitalized grandchild so I’m terribly late in saying “Thank YOU for writing such a wonderful story!” Loved every minute of it!


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