Do Edits Leave You Stressed?

I use Grammarly’s free grammar checker because it keeps my apostrophes from becoming catastrophes.

(Want to try it? Click “free grammar checker” above.)

funny-animal-pictures-of-the-week-024-001That’s not all. It also evaluates sentence structure, punctuation, plagiarism, and other agonies that distress writers. One can even choose editing based on document style i.e. creative, business, technical, medical or several others.

I decided to use a completed but unpublished manuscript to test Grammarly’s program and was surprised by the results. After registering for a seven day free trial, I copied and pasted my book into their checker and waited a few minutes while it tallied up the results. I was shocked . . . no, horrified by the number of errors flagged in my content. I switched the setting from “general” to “creative” to produce results better suited to a novel.

Next, I tweaked the process to streamline editing. I discovered each time I made a correction, the checker would re-process the entire content. Instead of pasting my entire manuscript into the document field, I submitted one to two chapters at a time. I opened my project in a separate window of Word and edited the working document using Grammarly’s suggestions.

Not all of the flagged items needed revision, especially when it came to plagiarism. I found repeated instances where generic word strings were highlighted rather than the entire sentence. While I regard this as erring on the side of caution, it did identify cliche or redundant phrases.

If I were writing web content, I would consider Grammarly a must-have program. As an author, it proved beneficial for punctuation, vocabulary and over-used words. If you’re like me, by the time a manuscript is ready for the editor, you’ve become blind to common errors. Grammarly caught things I’d overlooked and aided with tightening up sentence structure.

Good editing is imperative for any Indie author traversing a glutted market where readers have grown increasingly vocal. Grammarly helps us maintain a competitive edge by aiding in the production of quality work.


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Debra is an RV nomad, traveling full time with her husband, dog and cat. She writes, hikes, star gazes and explores myth, lore and curiosities from America's back roads. She also indulges in colorful sunsets and good wine.

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