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Do you like great books at cheap prices? I sure do! So THIS WEEKEND ONLY I’m hosting a sale for two of my Paranormal Thrillers. 

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DATE –  Saturday & Sunday  ONLY (Mar 15, 16)


Book Description:

Book 1 – The GATEKEEPER – Clans of Tagus series
There’s nothing normal about tough girl, Kylie Baker. She suffers demonic dreams she can’t explain, is befriended by a telepathic dog who knows more about her past than she does, and can’t shake a sexy cowboy who refuses to take “no” as an answer.
But when the owner of a Harley Davidson shop where she works is blackmailed into giving her a pink slip, and the attorney responsible for her childhood relocation from one foster home to another is murdered, Kylie realizes things are fast-tracking from bad to worse. Who is manipulating her life? And why?
Strange markings appear on her skin and dreams blur the line between reality and vision, forcing Kylie to re-examine her murky past. Only one person can explain what the odd phenomena . . . the mother she believed was dead. Armed with her instincts and a strange amulet, Kylie embarks on a  quest to learn the truth.
What she discovers is even more disturbing. Kylie is destined to become the Gatekeeper, guardian of a portal between two worlds . . . and the only one who can stop an imminent attack by a Tagusian warlord. Worse than that, she’s a hybrid with ties to both sides. The bizarre proclamation leaves her angry, hurt, confused – and feeling more alone than ever. But when people she cares about are threatened, Kylie knows she must form an allegiance. Unfortunately, each choice bears serious consequence.
What’s a girl to do?


99¢ SALE

DATE – Sunday  ONLY (Mar 16)


Book Description:

Would you willingly give your life to save mankind?Reyna Blair has learned two things as a soldier and a cop – she can tolerate a lot of pain and wounds aren’t always visible. After a stint in the army, she’s ready to drop off the grid and heal. A job as police officer in the small town of Purgatory, Texas sounds like the perfect solution – until the community is rocked by a gruesome murder.

When sexy Texas Ranger, Ty Carter, steps in to assist with the investigation, Reyna is both thrilled and annoyed. He’s nice to look at and a definite boost to her sagging ego, but his aggressive ambition could push her right out of a job. To make matters worse, she’s stalked by a mysterious stranger with a flaming sword who can’t decide if he should save her or kill her.

Reyna’s problems are only beginning. The stranger is an angel of God . . . an Enforcer . . . sent to eliminate a Nephilim woman prophesized as giving birth to the Antichrist. Shocked to learn she’s the target, Reyna flees – only to realize she has more enemies than imagined. Along the way, she discovers dark secrets which alter her world forever, challenge her faith, and force a choice between life and death.

*** This story uses a biblical theme but includes scenes with graphic violence and strong language.