My Amazon bestseller made me nothing – The Popcorn Chronicles

Writers often get tagged as being rich and famous. I’ve even had one of my clients prophesize  I would quit my part time job when my Amazon Best Seller got picked up by imprint Amazon Crossing and published in Germany. This illusion comes from the public’s perception that anyone who writes a book becomes a millionaire with a glamorous lifestyle i.e. J.K. Rowling, James Patterson, Stephen King.

Not so – even if a novel hits the Amazon Best Seller ranks like my Stone Cold Justice. The average writer should not give up their day job – and they should prepare to churn out two or more books a year just to keep their name in front of readers. It’s almost an embarrassment how little we earn compared to the amount of work involved in producing a marketable manuscript. Deduct self employment taxes, expenses, marketing, etc and the end result is not pretty.

Reviews don’t always equate to sales. I have a couple of titles with great reviews that earned dismal royalties.

And I’m not alone. The Popcorn Chronicles posted an interesting blog on this very subject. Click the link to read.

My Amazon bestseller made me nothing..

So why do authors like myself continue to endure such a challenging and at times, unfulfilling career? Passion. To live without passion is to wither and die.