“Shrink Rapt” Will Command Your Attention

” This book belongs on the shelf next to the works of Mary Higgins Clark and Agatha Christie! . . .”
“. . . A very tightly written and engaging work. It kept me riveted, and it’s not my genre of choice.”

“. . . The ending has a surprise twist followed by a chilling epilogue. . .”

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Shrink Rapt

By Freda Hansburg

Genre: Psychological ThrillerShrink Rapt

A little hypnosis can be a dangerous thing.

Psychologist April Simon reaches that conclusion when four of her most unstable patients begin to violently unravel following the murder of their psychiatrist, Lowell Morgenstern, April’s arrogant department chairman.  She suspects it’s no coincidence that all four were subjects in his research project.

As April tries to undo Morgenstern’s mayhem, she finds her colleagues turning resentful, her career on the line, and the chairman’s killer closing in.  Who can she trust?  Maybe Sam Perone, the attractive, cynical detective who seeks her help in solving Morgenstern’s murder – that is, when he’s not treating her as a suspect.

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Author Bio

FredaFreda Hansburg is a psychologist who lives with her husband in New Jersey.  She is the co-author of the self-help books PeopleSmart and Working PeopleSmart.  Shrink Rapt is her first novel.