The Forgotten

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The Forgotten

The Wraith of Carter’s Mill

Book 3

C. Evenfall

Genre: Paranormal Fiction

Publisher: Books, Authors and Artists

Date of Publication: Oct. 26, 2014


Number of pages: App. 55

Word Count: 19,000

Cover Artist: Sherry Thoman


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WCMf-FrontCoverv04-27.Aug.14(1)Book Description:

The Forgotten is the third novella in the series titled, The Wraith of Carter’s Mill.

Shyanne has gone home, and her life is happier than she ever imagined it could be. The family home, restored to its original state, brings Shyanne closer to her roots. Everything changes when her eight-year-old daughter, Melody begins to exhibit strange behaviors.

When Melody slips into a strange coma, Shyanne is not convinced the problem is medical. Visions, dreams and clues from her guardians, take Shyanne deep in the woods to long forgotten Carter’s Mill. Shyanne loses all concept of time and is unaware that she is assumed missing. A search party led by her husband turns up nothing. Drake Monroe will not give up. He is determined to do everything he can to keep his family together.

Meanwhile, Shyanne’s family history unravels. She finally faces the dark entity that has plagued the Carter women for generations. Can she break the curse that threatens to destroy her family before it is too late? Will she fade into the forgotten history of Carter’s Mill?

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The Forgotten is a fanciful novella from author C. Evenfall that will keep you entertained during a couple of lunch hour breaks, holiday travels or a hot soak in the tub. It’s the perfect length for a quick escape but meaty enough to leave you wanting more.

The Forgotten is the third novella in the series, The Wraith of Carter’s Mill. Book 1, The Sensitives, dealt with Shyanne’s childhood as she and her mother confront the dark energies around the family estate as well as their own emerging powers. Book 2, The Guardians, explored Shyanne’s  teen/young adult years. She shuns her psychic abilities for fear of opening the door to the dark entity from her youth, yet she ventures into the shadow world once again to help a family in need under the protective aura of The Guardians..

Book 3, The Forgotten, begins with Shyanne’s life as a young wife and mother to an 8 year old daughter. This episode covers Shyanne’s attempt to revive her daughter who has slipped into a strange coma. After receiving messages from her guardians, she realizes her child’s medical condition is more psychic than physical. The search for its origin takes Shyanne back to Carter’s Mill where she must finally confront the entity that has stalked her and the Carter family for years.

This is a short novella which can be read as a single unit but will understandably be enhanced if you read books 1 and 2 first. It helps to know the family history and character arc.

I enjoyed The Forgotten although I would have liked more “showing” instead of “telling”. At times, it felt like I was listening to a narrator – but perhaps that was what the author intended. The paranormal aspects are delightfully written with a chilling back-story that crosses the veils of time. I like the dark elements i.e. family curses and demons, and found myself totally engrossed in the scenes involving Martha and young Isaiah.

If you’re looking for a quick paranormal read with a touch of historical reference, this is a good choice.


I couldn’t convert the PDF excerpt file to Word so I’m offering an Amazon link where you can preview a portion for free.

About the Author:

C. Evenfall grew up in a small fishing village in Eastern North Carolina. The area was rich with history, ghost stories and unexplained phenomenon; all fodder for the vivid imaginings of a young girl. She began “collecting” stories at a young age.

At aged six, C. Evenfall experienced the paranormal firsthand and has been seeking answers ever since. Her fascination with the unexplainable and her love for old family ghost stories inspired her to write a collection of novellas. Each inspired by the experiences passed down through her family for generations.

C. Evenfall resides on the Carolina Coast with her husband, a self-proclaimed skeptic. She loves him anyway and the two complement each other perfectly.







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