Goodbye, Old Friend . . .

Writers are typically sensitive souls, rife with insecurity and doubt. When a reader/fan extends encouragement, it often means more than they could possibly know.

I had a reader like that. He became my friend, though we never met. We communicated through emails, Facebook and private messages. He always issued motivation and hope, especially when I had taken a hiatus to help care for a special needs grandson. So when I discovered Carlin had cancer, I prayed and tried to offer uplifting words, though I feel I may have failed miserably.

As the time between messages grew longer and longer, I kept up with his progress through his wife’s regular posts. Occasionally she would upload photos and i could see how frail he’d become. His humor and internal strength remained strong, however, evidenced by sporadic appearances on Facebook. It was hard to imagine Carlin not beating the Big “C” . . . but he didn’t.

Today Carlin Kallay succumbed to his disease. I grieve. I lost a friend. A fan. A great influence in my life and writing career. I’m not sure he knew how much I cared and appreciated his kindness, but I know.

God speed, Carlin. You earned your wings.