Author Resource: Savvy Authors

Any writer who says they “know it all” is either fooling you or fooling themselves.

The market is constantly changing, so fast it’s hard to stay on top of current trends. Pouring over a dozen or more websites is time consuming and takes us away from what’s really important . . . our writing. Most large companies encourage professional growth but what happens when you’re self-employed? Seeking conferences and workshops to expand one’s knowledge can seem daunting.

Not anymore.

Savvy Authors offers a plethora of workshops, advice, resource material and communal networking tools for writers to stay focused in this ever changing industry. Not everyone is lucky enough to belong to an organization like RWA which offers physical meetings and conferences. Savvy Authors fills the gap, as well as complements those groups, concentrating on what we all want and need – the “savvy” to succeed in our profession. It doesn’t matter if you are a New York Times best selling author or unpublished. This organization is about writers helping writers.

Basic membership is free and allows an opportunity to test the waters i.e. see what they’re all about while taking advantage of some great services. Premium membership is $40 annually, a pittance compared to other organizations with comparable resources, and offers unlimited access to online tools, workshops and special events, chat rooms, craft and industry articles, etc.

Whether you’re updating your current knowledge base or exploring the industry, Savvy Authors should be highlighted on your bookmark roster. Subscribing to their monthly newsletter is a great place to start.

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