The Domes, Casa Grande, AZ

When most people seek out something to do near Casa Grande, they usually head for the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. The Hohokam ruins is the first archaeological preservation project and worthy of a visit.The Domes, Casa Grande

However, there is another site nearby just as fascinating to those of us who enjoy “different”. The Domes are a cluster of pods intended to house a computer manufacturing facility during the early 80s but never came to fruition. There are still foundations in place marking the site of future construction. The empty buildings are clustered about an overgrown plot of land, some resembling a caterpillar and while others stand as a single unit.

There’s also a No Trespassing sign. Of course, there is. Any insurance company in their right mind would insist on such a notice because the buildings are crumbling and in disrepair. However, a sign out front offers the site to film crews for a daily rental fee.The Domes, Casa Grande2

There is broken glass everywhere, even along the road, but inside the pods is where the action takes place. And graffiti. Lots and lots of graffiti. A large pentagram is painted on the wall of one of the buildings which coincides with rumors black magic rituals and satanic worship has taken place there. And to be honest, I can almost believe it. It’s that creepy.Domes3

The first building resembles a flying saucer with an elongated roof. The sound inside the structure is not something I can describe accurately. It’s more than an echo. More than a reverberation. It’s almost as if the hollow sound of your footsteps occur BEFORE you take a step.

There are deep crevices in the floor which were probably meant to accommodate wiring and ductwork. Who knows what’s in them now? Bodies? I’d almost believe it. So would my Golden Retriever, Jake. He was trembling as soon as he entered the building. Visibly 20160226_142626shaking. Almost belly crawling toward one of the cuts in the concrete floor.

If I had never heard the stories about shadow people, mysterious footsteps in the dark, strange tapping noises or the bad vibes people feel when they enter the area, I would still have been uneasy. It’s that kind of place. Would I go back. Perhaps . . . but not at night.