Glynis Has Your Number – But Does She Have Mine? Book Review

It’s no secret I enjoy off-beat destinations, books that make me think, ideas which question the norm – so it shouldn’t be a surprise when I say I’ve been studying numerology.

I’ve always had an interest but recently decided to take it a step further after reading Glynis McCants book on numerology, “Glynis Has Your Number”. There are several “Primary” numbers i.e. The Soul Number, The Personality Number, The Power Name Number, The Life Path Number, etc. The most important is your Life Path, derived by adding the digits in your full birth date. Mine equals 3. Glynis uses a few celebrities for examples but the 3 Life Path hits me dead center. I write. I paint. I love talking with people – all traits of a creative 3.

It’s not all smooth sailing, however. My “Destiny” number is 4 which is not compatible with a 3. So how do I achieve my 4 destiny of leaving something behind that benefits mankind when it conflicts with my 3 life path? The logical thing (also a trait of a 4 destiny) is to change my author name so it adds up to a 3, thus making it a “power name”. Surely I can write a heart stopping, memorable novel like Gone With The Wind before I die. Glynis cited an interesting story about John Denver’s musical talent taking off after he changed his last name to Denver. In numerology, it was the compatible power name he needed to jump start his career.

As for content, Glynis has a written an intriguing book that explores the origins of numerology as well as breaks down the individual numerical categories and their meanings. I especially enjoyed her examples using celebrities since they live out their lives in the public eye. It’s easy to see certain numerological traits in their actions and speech.

After reading “Glynis Has Your Number” three times, I decided to try a little experiment. I’ve altered the name on my website to Debra S. Sanders, which computes to a 3. I may even use it as an author name on an episodic thriller series I’m writing. If that project takes off, I’ll consider it confirmation that numerology does indeed work.

I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes and branding this as hocus pocus. A few of you might be intrigued. And some stopped reading my blog as soon as they saw the title. But if you have experience with numerology, good or bad, I’d like to hear about it. Leave a comment or send me an email. Inquiring minds want to know. Until then . . . I’ll be working on my next book because after all, I am a 3 Life Path.

Learn more about Glynis McCants and Numerology at  There are links for her books on the site.