Coming Up For Air

What a whirlwind six months it’s been! I assure you my MIA status was not because of slacking. Ok, maybe a little. 🙂

Our travels took us to Albuquerque where the hubmeister and our rig were pummeled by high winds. Both lost the battle. A 70 mph gust hit our fifth wheel head on, lifted it up by the extended slides and set it back down. Even though it was only a few inches, it was jolted enough to delaminate the exterior shell from the frame. Our insurance company (USAA) was awesome and agreed to honor our claim. Even though the final amount wasn’t enough to pay for a complete new panel, we finally found someone who agreed to repair the damage and stay in our financial budget. RV body repairs are not cheap! In the meantime, those pesky winds followed us all over northern New Mexico. Terry is a Vietnam Vet so his lungs are not the best. The blowing dust took its toll and he ended up in the hospital. He’s fine now but still requires oxygen from time to time. If you think living in an RV is tight quarters, try adding oxygen tanks and breathing machines to the mix. Sheesh!

We ended up spending the summer south of Tucson in a little hamlet called Amado. The area is rimmed by mountains and so pretty. And so hot! We traded a little workamping for our RV spot and hookups which allowed hubs to finish his follow-up care at the VA Center in Tucson. Since we were stuck in Amado for the summer, I also scheduled long overdue cataract surgery. I’m stunned by how much better I can see! And absolutely no pain. Between doctor visits, we dropped a thousand dollars at a couple of veterinarians until we found a good one. Our cat is diabetic and now receives insulin shots twice daily. Um, that was a bit of a learning curve on technique but we mastered it. Our dog has low thyroid and takes the same meds as me. Ha! We also renovated the interior of the rig by removing those dated valances and ugly furniture. It was replaced with wide slat faux wood blinds and Ikea Pong chairs. We removed the dining table and chairs and replaced them with a real desk! Squee!!!

I was deployed to North Carolina for Hurricane Florence and returned feeling drained and depressed. It was a tough one with some brutal sights burned into my thoughts and heart. Of course, as any good writer knows, those experiences will find their way into a future book. Actually, I’m working on it now . . . a gritty thriller set in the aftermath of a hurricane. While the story is fictional, the disaster scenes are pretty realistic.

Upon my return, we ventured up to Cottonwood, Arizona for a month or so. I hiked a lot, mostly in Sedona where the good vibes helped heal my soul. We explored the area, met good friends in Prescott, enjoyed the warm weather and drank a little wine. In November, we returned to one of our favorite areas, a small RV park on the T’Ohono Oodham reservation near Ajo and north of Organ Pipe National Monument. Love the miles and miles of remote desert and mountains for hiking. There are seriously dark skies here that rival the beautiful evening panoramas at Bryce Canyon. The first three nights we were treated to a display of meteors and impressive stargazing. Thanksgiving was spent at a VRBO house with family and extended family in Phoenix. It was the best holiday I’ve had in years!

And now we’re back on the rez surrounded by wonderful friends, some old, some new. A perfect way to end 2018 and herald in 2019.

I have a lot of exciting things planned for next year. Unfortunately I can’t share them just yet so let me say this . . . put on your reading glasses and prepare to join me at some wonderful events!

Happy New Year! Wishing you the most marvelous, exciting, crazy wonder-filled year you’ve ever had. Thanks for the company in 2018.