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A BIT O’MUSLIN – Delilah Marvelle’s Open Letter to Her Agent, Donald Maass


Just to be fair, I wanted to add Delilah Marvelle’s blog link. She is represented by Donald Maass and offers a different perspective on his controversial comments posted at Writer Unboxed, and dissected at Joe Konrath’s site. So glad she decided to jump into the “Freight Class” with the rest of us. I think she’s glad, too. 😉

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: Fisking Donald Maass

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: Fisking Donald Maass.

I love Joe Konrath’s colorful and accurate (IMHO) view of legacy publishing. Had to share for those who have not read this.

It’s HOT for the HOLIDAYS!!!!! Bewitching Book Tours Giveaway Starts NOW!

Bewitching Book Tours Hot Holiday Giveaway Button 300 x 225 (1)

I”ve been biting my tongue while waiting to tell you about the fantabulous Holiday Giveaway offered by Bewitching Book Tours. The Grand Prize – a Kindle Fire HD (or equivalent value in an Amazon Gift Card) – is enough to convince most people to enter this incredible contest . . . but it doesn’t stop there. Roxanne Rhoads, our esteemed leader and owner of one of the best virtual book tour and promotion companies around, has aligned with the stars (as in talented authors) to create a truly awesome event. There’s something for everyone.

 Just look at the rest of the available prizes:

THREE Bewitching Prize Packs full of books and book swag goodies- open to US Shipping. Prize packs may contain print copies of The Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle, Would Be Witch by Kimberly Frost and Earth Angel by E Van Lowe, Paranormal Pleasures by Roxanne Rhoads, Tasty Christmas Treats by Roxanne Rhoads. Books will be distributed among the 3 prize packs

1  e-book set of the first three books in the Seven Seals Series by Traci Douglas 

1 Release, book 3 of The Angler series by Annie Nicholas 

1 ebook copy Murder on Mars A New Orleans Mystery by MM Shelley

1 Ebook giveaway Hollow’s End by Marianne Morea 

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1 ebook copy of In Flames by Jessica Jayne

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1 ebook copy of Visionary- Unleashed by N Dunham

1 copy of each Bleeding Hearts and Blood Rush by Ash Krafton 

1 ebook copy of Soul Meaning (Seventeen Book 1) by AD Starrling

1 ebook copy of Blaze Ignites by JL Madore

1  e-book copy of Operation Earth by Maria Hammarblad

1 Earth’s Requiem by Ann Gimpel. Print if in the U.S., an e-copy otherwise.

1 ebook copy Silent Oath (Book 2 of the Locked Within Trilogy) by Paul Anthony Shortt

1 Ebook: Five Golden Rings by Jeffe Kennedy from the Season of Seduction Carina Press erotic holiday anthology

1 eBook: An Unexpected Bride (The Bride Series, Book 1) by Shadonna Richards 

1 eCopy of Divine Destiny by Joanna Grace

1 Ministry Protocol: Thrilling Tales of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences 

1 Ebook giveaway. “Beautiful Stranger” by Katalina Leon

1 ebook copy of Chasing the Star Garden by Melanie Karsak

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1 One e-book copy of Haven by Celia Breslin

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1 ebook copy of Hex and the Single Witch by Roxanne Rhoads

1 one kindle copy of Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective by Christine Amsden

1 One ecopy of Cursed Ever After by AC James

1 copy of The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter by Jillian Stone

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1 ecopy of Wucaii by Pembroke Sinclair

1 ecopy of The Bottom Line by Shelley Munro

1 Ebook copy of Dangerous Pursuit by Margaret Daly

Can you believe it??? Like I said, there’s something for any reader’s tastes. All you have to do is enter, which is soooo easy! Just click on the Bewitching Book Tours Button at the top of this post or on this link:

And if you’re a visual person like me (one picture is worth a thousand words), you’ll enjoy this enticing display of book covers and prizes featured in the contest. Remember, BBT’s HOT HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY is open to everyone, whether you’re naughty or nice!

J.K. Rowling’s newest bestseller underscores’ writers’ struggles – Metro – The Boston Globe

J.K. Rowling’s newest bestseller underscores’ writers’ struggles – Metro – The Boston Globe.

A wonderful article about the dilemma faced by authors who have NOT reached the NY Times Bestseller List.

How Do You Like Your Romance?

pleasuring abigail


Alexis Thomas

An Erotic Romance novella


“Pleasuring Abigail” sizzles but still contains a certain sweetness and humor that tugs at the heartstrings.

Abigail Dutton is devastated when wealthy financier, Oliver Harrington, breaks off their engagement just weeks before the wedding. She’s worked hard to be the “perfect” mate – tempered her spontaneity, colored her natural red locks to a more respectable shade of  brown, and endured the pompous arrogance of her fiance with a patient smile. In other words, she’s lost her identity.

Abigail is certain her life is finished. She’s an over-thirty school teacher, lost her confidence and forgotten how to live. All that’s about to change.

When new neighbor and self-professed cougar, Charlotte, moves in down the hall, she takes Abigail under her wing and vows to restore the girl’s zest for life. Charlotte presents Abby with a sex toy so she can experience a real climax. Next she dyes her protege’s hair to a brilliant shade of red. And then convinces Abby to use her honeymoon tickets to Hawaii for a girl’s vacation getaway.

Abby soon meets Mitch, a sexy fellow tourist who is more than happy to introduce her to the pleasures of coupling. And then some. Abigail insists they keep things on a first name basis to assure her anonymity but finds herself charmed by the man both inside and outside of the bedroom.

Afraid of being hurt again, and confused by her new sexual desires, Abigail flees the islands and returns to her home in Sacramento.

Like a snowball rolling down hill, her life takes a few unexpected turns. Oliver is eager to restore their engagement. Mitch is not ready to let her go. And an opportunity to explore her darker side emerges. Abigail must come to terms with what . . . and who . . . she wants in her life.

“Pleasuring Abigail” is a fun, coming-of-age romance about a late bloomer who realizes one can blossom at any age.


I’ve had two contests running, one of my own, one as part of Amber Kallyn’s Birthday Bash, and now I can announce all the winners! Free e-copies of the first two books in my Urban Fantasy series, Clans of Tagus – The GATEKEEPER and The WARRIOR – go to: (drumroll, please . . . )

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