Psychic Cozies with a little Romance

Daisy O’Connor worked hard to earn the title of “Fashion Show’s Best Caterer” for Atlanta’s prestigious annual event, just as she worked hard to forget a troubled childhood in South Dakota.

When Daisy’s Lakota grandfather, Charlie Tall Tree summons “Red-Tail” home to search for her missing stepbrother, she reluctantly agrees – and it doesn’t take long to remember why she moved away. Her fiery red hair is a target for ridicule, Grandfather has aged into a cagey but lovable elder, and the bully from her youth is now a tribal cop hell-bent on thwarting her every move. Just when life can’t get any worse, Daisy encounters a ghost who refuses to leave her alone until she discovers how he died.

With her catering job on hold, Daisy’s investigation confirms two things – lies are being told to cover up illicit activities, and serving justice to the dead was not the career advancement she had in mind.