“Legally Blonde meets Longmire”

Daisy O’Connor worked hard to earn the title “Best Caterer” for Atlanta’s annual Fashion Show, just as she worked hard to forget a troubled childhood in South Dakota.

When adopted Lakota grandfather, Charlie Tall Tree summons “Red-Tail” home to search for her missing stepbrother, she reluctantly agrees.

It doesn’t take long to remember why she vowed to never return to the Rez. Her Southern accent and fiery red hair are a target of ridicule, Grandfather is still as ornery as the day is long, and the bully from her youth is now a tribal cop hell-bent on thwarting her every move. If that wasn’t enough to make her crazier than a sprayed cockroach, Daisy awakens psychic abilities she’d blocked as a child and half the netherworld knows about it.

Becoming a prestigious part of Atlanta’s party scene was one thing but sleuthing for ghosts with unresolved issues was not the career advancement she had in mind.

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