Need A Speaker?

Speaking & Workshop opportunities – I’m cheap and easy which makes the hubmeister happy on shopping excursions –  and also makes me a great choice for budget minded groups in need of a speaker or workshop facilitator. I’ve even shown up for free if there’s food.

Need a speaker for your book club? An author for a book signing or library event? A fun workshop that doesn’t put people to sleep?  Contact me at debsanders01 @ gmail dot com. 

Here’s a short synopsis of presentations/workshops currently available.

30 or 60 minute presentation – Gold, Ghosts and Gravel Roads

Deb highlights some of her favorite haunts, back road adventures and places too weird to pass up.

60 minute workshop – Off The Beaten Track in Search of Gold, Ghosts and Gravel Roads

This informative workshop will teach participants how to locate unusual destinations and activities along America’s back roads while taking proper precautions for safety. Whether you hike, ATV, two-wheel drive or park and gawk, there’s myth, lore and untold mysteries waiting to be discovered by the next curious traveler.. Includes a helpful list of resource material covering all fifty states.

30-60 minute presentation – The Real Poop About Living and Working on the Road

Deb highlights the rewards and challenges of full-time RVing, as well as a host of other related topics such as budgets, workamping opportunities and how to find normalcy in an unconventional lifestyle.