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This is it! My year end BLOWOUT SALE!!!  From now until January 1st, you can buy any of my titles for just 99¢!!!!  That’s right . . . less than a buck. Choose from suspense to contemporary fantasy, each with just the right amount of heat. Okay, The Gatekeeper has a LOT of heat but it did rate 4 stars from Romantic Times. Stone Cold Justice was an Amazon Best Seller when released and continues to please readers today . . . so much in fact, that Amazon Crossing chose the title for German translation and released it overseas! You can find them all at my Amazon author page, http://www.amazon.com/Deb-Sanders/e/B0068UNQ48 

So, enjoy my sale. Fill up your Kindles. And stay tuned . . . my NEW Mystery series will release in January. The Daisy Red-Tail Mysteries features a quirky Southern chef solving mysteries and dodging romance on a Native American reservation. Each book will include one of her scrumptious recipes and a healthy serving of sleuthing. Book One – DEAD MEN CAN’T TALK.

Are you a fickle reader?

Are eBook readers fickle during the languid, perfect-for-reading summer months? I’ve heard rumors alluding to such a theory but haven’t quite embraced it yet. Some authors believe there is a slump from June through August, even though vacation promotion photos arguably include a chaise lounge, umbrella and a book.

Ah . . .  a book. As in print published book. To be quite honest, I’m not sure I’ve seen a photo of someone lounging by the pool with an eReader unless it was a promotion by the device manufacturer.  Perhaps there’s a shred of truth to this theory, after all. Could fans of digitally published works subscribe to the archaic belief that summer reads can only be perused by flipping a page made of fiber and ink?

I’m not going to dispute the pro’s and con’s of print versus digital. That topic has been discussed at length by people more knowledgeable and factually informed than me. I personally believe print and digital can coexist amicably.

If you are one of those readers who absolutely MUST have a paper book in your hands while soaking up a few rays of summer, so be it. But when the first chill of autumn chases you to a cozy chair beside the fireplace, pick up your eReader and enjoy a clever tale while toasting your toes in the warm glow from the hearth.

And what better time to stock up for those wintry days when travel is inhibited than right now at the Book Lover’s Buffet Vacation Getaway. Just because there’s a 99 cent sale going on (through the 22nd) doesn’t mean you have to read them NOW. The concept is to save now and read later. With over 180 titles by some of the best Indie authors out there, you’re certain to find a few intriguing stories to add to your TBR database.

Go ahead. Load up your eReader. Pretend you’re a squirrel preparing diligently for next season when these same titles will be priced considerably higher. And if you sneak in a read or two during the summer, I won’t tell a soul. It will be our secret! (And if you happen to participate and win a prize as part of the great contests, my lips will remain sealed-unless you win one of the gift cards or books in my giveaway. Then I’ll shout it at the top of my lungs!)


BIG Sale!!!!

Mark your calendar – June 8th through the 22nd – for the Vacation Getaway Ebook Sale. I’m participating with about 120 other Indie authors in this two week event. We’ve priced all our books at 99 cents just in time for those lazy days of summer that are perfect for curling up with a good read. Over 180 titles in your favorite genres. There’s something for everyone. You’ve got to check this site out. http://BookLoversBuffet.com

And if a 99 cent book sale wasn’t awesome enough, we’re also hosting an impressive number of contests for free books, gift cards and SWAG!!! I mean . . . seriously . . . this is a very cool event!

The sale starts Friday so bookmark the site now and get ready to load your eReader with some fantastic reads! I know I will.


Are you ready for a sexy Romantic Suspense? RED HOT and DANGEROUS is releasing May 1st, exclusively at Amazon for only 99 cents! Here’s the blurb:

Romantic Suspense – Heat Level 3.5

When Andie Lange accepts a one day temp job through her friend’s employment agency, she unwittingly brings back more than a paycheck.
It’s supposed to be a “fun” assignment – assisting a famous actress during a publicity junket, as well as an opportunity for Andie to network her new photography business. But between the Promotions Manager accusing her of spying for the tabloids and the unwanted advances from a handsome stranger, the day proves to be more trouble than it’s worth.

Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse. The actress is poisoned, and  the handsome stranger turns out to be investigating detective, Drake Slater, who is assigned protective duty when attempts are made on Andie’s life. She’s connected to the murder – she just don’t know how or why.

There’s no denying Drake Slater is a cool drink of water on a hot day but the man is a womanizer. Andie recognizes his charm for what it is . . . a way to seduce her. So why isn’t she putting up more of a fight ?
Drake Slater learned a long time ago police work and relationships don’t mix, but that hasn’t stopped him from enjoying the company of  beautiful women. The key is not to stick around long enough for them to get any ideas. His plan works flawlessly until he meets Andie Lange, a gorgeous redhead with legs that go all the way up to heaven. Forced to protect her from an unknown assailant, Drake discovers there’s more to the sassy photographer than her body.
After Andie’s photographs reveal the identity of the murderer,  police rush to make an arrest, only to discover he’s been killed, too. Realizing the assailant’s next target is Andie, Drake must take extreme measures to keep her safe.
With her life in jeopardy, the only thing Andie fears more than the killer is the heat of desire aroused by her bodyguard. She’ll need to keep her wits about her and take a lot of cold showers if she’s to survive . . . because Drake Slater is RED HOT and DANGEROUS!