The Lore: Crazy Woman Camp, Why, AZ In the far reaches of southern Arizona, just north of Organ Pipe National Monument, lies the tiny hamlet of Why. Little more than a wide spot in the road, the town’s main attraction is a rustic market and gift shop -  aptly named “The Why Not Store”. One … Continue reading FISH BAIT


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words . . .

I've been playing hard and loving every minute of it. Great hiking in the Arizona desert, spectacular views - as always. We're camped near Salome, between Quartzsite and Parker, visiting friends. They brought along their Quads so we've had some great rides through the washes and over mountain passes, and exploring an old mine. Found some … Continue reading A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words . . .

Quartzsite – Desert Oasis or Hot Mess?

I can’t say I “love” Quartzsite enough to make the Big Show an annual sojourn. I’m sure some RVers plan their visit a year in advance but from the dwindling crowds and vendors, I suspect they might be the minority. Not even the weather cooperated this year. It was cold, breezy and often overcast, banishing all thoughts of … Continue reading Quartzsite – Desert Oasis or Hot Mess?

A Delightful Diversion

Authors are a creative lot. Our imaginations are spurred by the simplest thing which often manifests into a novel or short story. We don't just people watch. We study mannerisms, physical features, and voice inflections for character development. We are creatures of hot and cold. When we're "on", we  write non-stop, producing thousands of words while … Continue reading A Delightful Diversion