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Initial Thoughts on Google + (via Kristen Lamb’s Blog)

Initial Thoughts on Google + Actual photo of Kristen Lamb on the inside. When I first saw Google + pop up on the social media radar, I tried to ignore it. But, as an expert people tend to believe we know what we’re doing. I have tried to convince you guys that I make this up as I go, but alas I some of you sent me messages like this: So, what do you think of Google +? Um is… Crap. Is it too early to drink? a viable answer? I was just kind of hoping they would stop inventing … Read More

via Kristen Lamb's Blog

TREASURE ME by Robyn DeHart – Review

Life has led me astray…again. I’ve been playing catch up with other projects, working furiously on revisions and started a new job. But it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted on my blog and I’m feeling guilty. So to make it up to everyone, I’m posting an excerpt of my recent review on “Treasure Me” by Robyn DeHart, originally published at The Season for Romance. This is a MUST READ, folks! It’s out in print right now and will be available in e-book on March 1st.

TREASURE ME – The Legend Hunters series
by Robyn DeHart
Rating: 10
Heat: 3.5
315 pages

We have a winner! A perfect 10.

I usually don’t give out perfect scores. It seems there’s always something that could make the story a little better, the plot tighter, the characters more conflicted – something that was just a tad lacking. But that was before I read TREASURE ME by Robyn DeHart.

I wouldn’t change a thing. This is truly one of the most delightful tales I’ve read in years.

TREASURE ME adds a pinch of Sherlock Holmes-style investigative work with a dash of Indiana Jones bravado and blends it smoothly with the legendary tale of “Nessie”, buried treasure, and secret codes. It is then served sumptuously in the beautiful Scottish hills near Loch Ness.

Ms. DeHart has done an excellent job of researching the setting, inserting tidbits of rich backdrop a little at a time without overwhelming the reader with too much description. Vanessa and Graeme are well developed and unique with wonderfully entertaining dialogue. Not once did I see them fall out of character. Yet the shift in their affections and internal growth unfurls so naturally, I found myself wondering when it happened. There was never a paragraph that defined the metamorphosis. A blatant “ah ha” moment that some writers use to emphasize what their character has just discovered about themselves or their partner.

No, Ms. DeHart is much sneakier than that. She weaves a story like a fine tapestry – rich, colorful and compelling but so tightly bound there are never any holes.

I typically don’t read historicals and I’m certainly not a historical purist. But as a reader, I know when a book has hooked me from page one and left me ravenous for more at the end. On that note, I can assure you I’ll be at the bookstore first thing in the morning to purchase the other two titles in “The Legend Hunter” series, SEDUCE ME and DESIRE ME.

Read the full review of “Treasure Me” and many more March releases at http://www.theseasonforromance.com/


S.H.I.N.E. Online

What better way to jumpstart your writing goals than with a writing challenge?

This past year has been a rough one for me. I’ve relocated geographically – as in moved to TWO different states – and all but lost my muse in the process. I found blogging a great way to keep myself motivated during times when I couldn’t see more than a paragraph or two ahead. Just keep tapping at that keyboard, I told myself. I felt like Poe’s damn raven…tap, tap tapping…

I’m settled in North Carolina. Life has reached a manageable chaos. Once again, I’m struggling to find coherent strings of words to post. Then along came SHINE Online.

I simply commit to blogging at least twice a week. I can do that, right? I already blog once a week at www.newkidonthewritersblock.blogspot.com  I review books each month at http://theseasonforromance.com Updating my own blog should be cake. Of course, if that were true, I’d already be doing it. 

You see, I’m the kind of person who works best when I make a commitment to others. I’ll break my neck to keep my promise. To follow through and meet that deadline. Yep, that’s me…True Blue Deb. Responsible, reliable and goal oriented. For others. Not for me.

Hmmm…I think a psychologist might have a field day with that last paragraph.

I digress. SHINE Online is great motivation for bloggers. The acronym stands for:

  • S: Stand Out
  • H: Help
  • I: Inspire
  • N: Navigate
  • E: Engage

It’s the brainchild of Julie Isaac who can be found at  http://blog.writingspirit.com/  Click on the link for more info or better yet, come join us in this writing challenge for the next 111 days. All those “ones” are good luck, you know 😉