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3 Books for ONE Great Price! Labor Day Weekend Contest – FREE!

It’s called a “bundle” and might be the smartest way to stretch a dollar if you’re an avid reader like me. But wait . . . I’m also an author so treating readers to my backlist seemed like a great idea as both a reader AND a writer. The only thing to make it better is if you win it FREE by submitting a comment to this post. I’ll be giving away THREE (I thought that number seemed appropriate) E-copies in MOBI or PDF format so enter now! Drawing will be held Tuesday morning, Sept. 3rd.

ThreeCoversTHREE ROMANTIC THRILLERS is a smorgasbord of delight for those who enjoy some sexy romance with their suspense. Buy at Amazon and hoard it for those cold wintry nights when you need to generate a little “heat”. Or read it now . . . because I’m very close to releasing my next book, UNHOLY ALLIANCE – a contemporary thriller with paranormal aspects.


Deb Sanders

Genre: Romantic Suspens



STONE COLD JUSTICE – When Maggie McGregor returns to her childhood home, she realizes the killer who stalked her ten years earlier is still out there and wants her dead -now, more than ever. The only person who can save her is sexy Nick Stone, a man determined to put her behind bars . . . but not before he puts her in his bed.


“W…What are you doing here?”

Nick cocked his head to one side. “I’m enjoying the hot springs after a long day, just like you. I come here two or three times a week.”

“How did you know I would be here? Are you following me?”

He laughed. “Would you blame me if I was? I mean, after this morning . . .”

She cut him off. “This morning was a mistake. We both know it.” To Maggie’s dismay, Nick began to glide toward her.

“The only mistake we made was not finishing what we started,” he murmured provocatively.

Heat flamed across her cheeks. “And that’s the way it must stay.”


He was dangerously close. Close enough to detect the shimmer of her bare skin beneath the ripples. She watched his eyes dilate into black orbs. “Because it’s not wise.”

“What if I don’t want to be wise? Perhaps wisdom is overrated.”

“Not this time,” she retorted. “We have a business association. Nothing more.” Maggie felt his leg brush her thigh and shivered.

“I’d say there’s a lot more going on between us than just business. All work and no play can make life rather boring, don’t you think?”

She tried to ignore the seductive way he was looking at her. “On the contrary, I believe it makes life productive.”

“We might have to debate that philosophy.” He reached for her but she pushed away. “What are you afraid of?”

“I’m not afraid.” Maggie eyed him warily, slowly increasing the distance between them. “What would your girlfriend say if she knew you kissed me this morning?”

He arched an eyebrow. “My girlfriend?”

“The woman from your award ceremony. I read about it in the local paper.”

A strange light glimmered in his eyes. “Marianne was my date but I would hardly call her a girlfriend.”

So he was unattached. She tried to camouflage her delight with sarcasm. “And I would hardly call our encounter this morning anything but regrettable.”

“Why, you little minx!”

She dove under the water, reappearing several feet from the shore. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw his surprise turn to pure determination. Pushing off a rock, he sliced through the water in direct pursuit.

Maggie propelled herself faster, leaving a small wake until her feet hit the rock floor. Within seconds, she was scrambling from the steamy pool, her legs straining against the resistance of the water.

Nick sprang for her ankle. His fingers skimmed the slippery skin before closing around a handful of air.

Plucking her towel from the ground, she quickly wound it around her dripping body like a sarong before gathering up the rest of her clothes.

Nick grinned. “Tally ho,” he called wickedly, refusing to give up the chase. Judging by the intensity of his glazed eyes, he must have seen her naked body.

The cool air hit Maggie, bringing her senses alive. Nick’s jeans and shirt draped across a boulder. It took only a moment to form a plan. Without stopping to second-guess her decision, she grabbed his pants and fished inside for keys.

Nick’s eyes grew wide. “Maggie . . . don’t . . .”

It was too late. She threw the keys into the tall grass, turning to grin triumphantly over her shoulder. That should delay his pursuit.

He rose from the water’s edge like Poseidon, dark hair spiked against his forehead. Boxer briefs clung tightly to his wet form, emphasizing what she already knew – Nick Stone was a big man.


RED HOT and DANGEROUS – As a favor to her best friend, Andie Lange agrees to act as personal assistant for a famous movie star on a one day press junket. When the movie star is murdered, Andie’s life takes a dangerous turn – it seems she’s next on the killer’s list. Just when she decides things can’t get worse, Detective Drake Slater shows up to put her in protective custody . . . a job he takes way too personally!


“Is this the kind of law you practice? Guilty until proven innocent?”

Drake’s features turned to granite. “Miss Lange, in my line of work, most suspects are guilty.”

“So now I’m a suspect?” Horrified, she rose to her feet, nearly knocking over the chair.

Drake showed no signs of relenting. “You need to cancel your return flight until you’ve been cleared. You were one of the last people to see Miss Dixon alive yesterday. How do we know it wasn’t you who poisoned the wine?”

Andie blinked as the blood drained from her face. “Why would I want to murder Diana Dixon? You don’t actually believe I had anything to do with this?”

“Stuart Prescott is missing, we don’t have a firm set of prints on the wine glass, so that leaves a lot of unanswered questions. And yes, Miss Lange, until further notice you are under investigation.” He motioned to his partner before heading toward the door, pausing to place his business card on the kitchen table. “If you remember anything else that might help us, give me a call.”

Joe Barnes approached the car in silence, not speaking until Drake pulled out of the drive. “She’s not guilty and you know it. How come you’re being such a dick? You’ve got the poor girl scared half to death.”

“It’s always the sweet, innocent types who shoot you in the back.”

Joe unwrapped a stick of gum and plopped it in his mouth. “You two have some history. Where’d you meet?”

Drake stared straight ahead, ignoring his partner’s curious expression. “I saw her yesterday at the Biltmore. Never got her name, though.”

“Is that why you were so hard on her? Geez, what’d she do? Turn you down for a date?” Joe’s mouth dropped open when he saw Drake’s expression. “That’s it.” His triumphant tone made it redder. “She turned you down. The great Drake Slater met a woman who refused his bed. I’ll be damned.”

“Shut up. It wasn’t like that.”

Joe leaned back, a huge grin creasing his face. “She sure is a looker. There’s something about redheads. I’ll bet she’s hot between the sheets, too.” He shot his partner a sideways glance. “Of course, you wouldn’t know.”

“Enough, Joe!” Drake gripped the steering wheel and maneuvered a turn.

There was no way he would admit she got the best of him. Not that it mattered. Andie Lange was a potential suspect. Nothing more.

He thought about the creamy white leg peeking from the folds of her terrycloth robe. Quite a shapely leg, too. Just like the soft mounds barely visible at the neck. He’d wanted to take her right there, and he might have if Joe hadn’t been around. Drake gave in to a reluctant smile. Hell, he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t glad she had to stick around for a week or two. Andie was the first woman in a long while to show immunity to his charm – and that intrigued the hell out of him.


BLOOD STORM – Kate Merrill is determined to fulfill her deceased father’s last wishes – deliver a mysterious package to an unknown woman in Atlanta. When the chartered plane in which she’s travelling is shot down over the snow packed Sierra Nevadas, Kate is rescued by reclusive Sam Holden, a secretive man who can’t wait to get her off his mountain. As tensions rise and passions burn, Sam and Kate are thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse with terrorists intent on launching a brutal attack.


“You’re awake.”

Kate blinked at the man hovering in the doorway. Where was she? Who was this man and why did she feel like she’d survived a head-on collision with a freight train?

Fighting off a wave of dizziness, she searched for something to use as a weapon. Her fingers twitched as she spied a heavy looking lamp on the bedside table. She began to inch closer to the edge of the bed. If she could just reach it before he had a chance to react . . .

The sheet slipped from her fisted hands. She froze. I’m naked. Her gaze flew to the stranger. He’s half naked. A towel circled his hips, hanging low on his waist. Golden hair spiked against a wide forehead, like he’d just gotten out of the shower. His upper body still glistened with beaded water, accentuating every ripple of his well toned abs.

Yanking the bedcovers to her neck, Kate battled a deluge of emotions. Fear, shock, embarrassment – and admiration for the hard bodied man in front of her who seemed to have no problem with the intimate surroundings. What had she done? What had they done?

“Who are you?” she croaked, shrinking as far away from him as possible. “How did I get here?”

“I rescued you.”

It was a simple statement but did little to ease her agitation. “You rescued me?”

The man moved slowly toward the dresser, retrieving his wallet from the top and flipping it open. He held up an official looking badge.

“I’m a Wilderness First Responder. Sort of like an EMT for remote areas. You’re at my cabin in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.”

Mountains? Great! Stuck in some God forsaken outpost with Paul Bunyan.

She swallowed the bile building in her throat. What was she doing in the mountains? Nothing made much sense and she was having a hard time remembering things. “How long have I been here?”

“Two days.”

Two days? Panic tightened her chest. “I want my clothes.”

Silence fell between them like an impenetrable wall. Kate wrapped the blanket around her before attempting to swing her legs to the floor. The movement sent shockwaves of pain racing through her. She groaned and fell back against the pillow.

“I wouldn’t move if I were you.”

She shot him a withering look which didn’t appear to faze him.

“You’re pretty banged up. There’s a laceration on your thigh and a nasty bump to your head. Nothing life threatening but you’re gonna hurt like hell for the next couple of days. That was quite a crash you walked away from.”


She must have wrecked her car. That explained the bruises. But it didn’t clarify how she’d wound up naked in a strange man’s bed. Granted, he had a body that rivaled Mr. December on her Chippendale’s calendar but that was beside the point.

Or was it? He is the most handsome man I’ve ever laid eyes on. Had she slept with him? And if she had, who could blame her? Her gaze followed the dark shadow spilling across his chest to where it disappeared beneath the towel. If he moved an inch in any direction, his wrap would fall off . . . and from the way the terry cloth bulged, it would no doubt reveal an impressive sight.



Help me welcome Taylor Dean, a fantastic author who is here to talk about her new paranormal romance release,  Lancaster House. And since I love blindsiding my guests, I’m sure I can come up with a fun question or two that has absolutely nothing to do with writing.

Taylor, I feel like we have so much in common! I used to live in California AND Texas, waited until I became an empty-nester to pursue writing, and love romance of all genres. So tell me, what’s a Southern Cali girl doing in Texas?

Good question! First of all, thanks so much for having me on your blog today, Deb. I LOVE your interview questions. So fun! We DO have a lot in common! It’s great to meet you.

Now, to answer your question—how did I end up in Texas? My hubby and I both grew up in San Jose, California. However, shortly after we married, we up and left to travel the world! Okay, that’s the romanticized version. Actually, my hubby was active duty military for ten years, so we moved around quite a bit. Yep, I was an army wife. We lived in Maryland, Alabama, California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and Korea. Once we left the army, my hubby got himself a job in Texas and we’ve been here ever since! After 14 moves during our ten years in the army, I love being settled! I love being a Texan, but I’m still a California girl at heart.

You’ve released several books already and I’m told more is on the way. I think every author has a favorite, whether it’s because of a character we love or a story that still resonates inside us. What has been your favorite book so far, and why?

With no hesitation whatsoever, my answer is Sierra. Sierra was my first novel, the one I cut my teeth on, so to speak. I love everything about it. I love the hero (flawed, yet perfect), I love the setting, I love the emotion, I love the angst, and I love the romance. It’s an extremely emotional read. But, I love anything—whether it’s a book or a movie—that brings out emotion in me. If it makes me cry, I declare it GREAT!

I love the premise of Lancaster House, partly because of the historical home and ghostly resident. Do you believe in ghosts? How did you come up with the idea for the story?

I believe in an afterlife, absolutely. Do I believe in the Hollywood version of ghosts and creepy hauntings? Nope! Do I believe there are spirits of our loved ones that watch over us? Yes. Other than that, Lancaster House stems from pure imagination.

While Lancaster House does start off a little . . . scary, I’m not into scary or creepy! I never watch scary movies. I’m a wimp.Lancaster House is much more of a romance than a scary read. Still, while writing this book, I found myself looking over my shoulder much more than I care to admit!

I never planned to venture into the world of paranormal romance. However, it’s the favorite genre of one of my daughters. She called me one day and issued me a challenge, practically begging me to write a paranormal story. “Let’s both write a paranormal story and see what comes of them,” she said. We ended the phone call with me promising to think about a plot. In my heart, I knew it would never happen. My mind just doesn’t think that way.

Or so I thought.

At this same time, I was utterly addicted to the American Idol season that featured Adam Lambert. In the season finale performance, I was mesmerized by Adam’s rendition of ‘Mad World’ while on a fog shrouded stage, dressed in vampire-like garb. My imagination went wild.

That was all it took. One amazing performance=one 90,000 word novel. Go figure!

Incidentally, my daughter never wrote her paranormal story! Still, I’m eternally grateful to her for putting the ‘bug in my ear.’

What has been the greatest obstacle on the road to publishing?

Let me say, I’m thrilled to be self-published. It’s a great day and age to be an author. I love having total creative control. That being said, the biggest obstacle I’ve faced is being traditionally published. Lancaster House was actually sent to major publishing houses by my then-agent. As a matter of fact, Lancaster House was the book that landed me an agent. He LOVED it. Unfortunately, no takers! With the fantastic response I’ve received from people who’ve read Lancaster House, I think it was a mistake!

In spite of the stigma of self-publishing, I’m happy with my success. It’s been a very rewarding endeavor. And now that I’m self-published, I’m not sure I’d trade it for the world. Being your own boss has its merits. Being traditionally published gives you ‘credibility’ though. As if someone else is saying, ‘Hey, here’s a great book.’ I think one thing all writers need to realize is that publishing is a business. If a publishing house doesn’t see your book selling, it doesn’t matter how great your book is, they won’t take a chance on you.

Thank goodness for Create Space and Smashwords! They allow many wonderful books to see the light of day!

When I read a romance novel, I often find myself visualizing the hero with physical attributes of a famous personality such as my current favorite, Chris Hemsworth. Who is your fantasy dreamboat?

No contest. Gerard Butler.

And now for some non-romantic fun . . .

I’ve given you a magic stone. It has the power to transport you to any time, any place. Where are you going and why?

My happy place. I’m lying on a white, sandy beach, the sound of soft waves in my ears. The sun is beating down on my skin as I slip in and out of a light sleep. The wind lightly rustles the palm trees overhead. Heaven.

What animal would you say best describes you and why?

A cat. I like having my alone time, but I like to know my family is nearby when I need them!

Excerpt from Lancaster House

Note: While Lancaster House tells the story of a heartfelt romance, the scenes that propel the story forward are the scenes between Zoe and her psychiatrist, Doctor Channing. 

The next day, Wade read over Doctor Abernathy’s notes one more time. The girl he described was nothing like the one he’d met with yesterday.

He was making progress. She was wary of him, naturally. She was obviously biding her time, waiting for her chance to prove herself ‘normal.’ She was far more intelligent than they had originally given her credit for. Her sudden cooperation made him uneasy, even though it was exactly what he’d wanted to achieve.

Zoe walked in then, her head held high. Her blond hair was neatly combed today, her bangs framing her heart shaped face. A hint of crimson stained her cheeks, evidence she was coming back to life before his eyes. Her suicide attempt had left her hospitalized for over two weeks, hanging between life and death. Her recovery was considered a miracle. She wore a fresh pair of pajamas. The standard uniform was a white t-shirt and white pajama pants and she looked clean and fresh in them. The small logo that represented their facility—a crescent moon combined with a cloud—sat on the upper right hand side of her shirt along with the name, Serenity Hills.

“Hello, Doctor Channing,” she said politely.

“Hello, Zoe. How are you today?”

“I’m perfectly fine with not a care in the world,” she answered sardonically.

Wade smiled at her in spite of himself. Maybe it was a stupid question. Perhaps he’d dispense with the ‘how are you’ from now on. Her eyes wandered around his office as if taking it all in for the first time. Her next words were said with a frown on her face. “This office is awful.”

“Excuse me?”

“Your office . . . it’s downright sterile in here, cold even. You need to hire an interior designer, warm the place up a bit. You’ll have better results with your patients.”

“Is that a fact?” Wade smiled at her insight, even while admitting to himself she was right. The room had white tile floors, white walls, fluorescent lighting, white plastic blinds on the windows and no pictures on the walls other than his medical certificates. His desk was metal and the drawers creaked. It was a cold office. Zoe sat stiff-backed in a hard plastic chair. “Are you always this blunt?”

Zoe blushed. “Sorry. It’s an obsession. I mentally decorate every room I’m in, to the point of distraction.”

“Perhaps you can give me some pointers.”

“I’d start with painting the walls, a deep, rich color. Then I’d add some throw rugs, and then curtains that add color, but let the sun in. You need a couch, something classy, but comfortable, with lots of pillows. Replace that hideous desk with something mahogany. Then maybe some lamps for softer lighting . . .” Zoe trailed off. “You weren’t serious, were you?”

“Not really, but now that you mention it, it sounds good.”

Zoe scoffed.

Wade got down to business. “Where do you want to start?” he asked, wondering if she’d assume he was asking her about decorating projects.

“I don’t know.”

She knew exactly what he was talking about and it had nothing to do with design. “What would you say if I told you there is no such thing as ghosts?” He wanted to get a rise out of her again today. Her answer would be telling. Had she seen the error of her ways all on her own? Had she realized the extent of her delusions?

“You don’t beat around the bush, do you?” Her hands gripped the arms of the chair until her knuckles turned white.


“What would you say if I told you they do exist?”

His hopes for an astounding recovery plummeted. “I would have to disagree.”

“Then we have nothing more to talk about, do we?”

“Sorry, you’re not off the hook, Zoe.”

Zoe’s demeanor changed and her eyes stared into the distance, as if she was lost in thought. “It’s real—it’s all real,” she whispered, her eyes haunted.

“Tell me, Zoe. Start with the purchase of Lancaster House.” Several minutes ticked by and he began to think she wouldn’t answer, but then, in a timid voice, her story began to spill forth.

“It’s a stunning house, everything I’d ever dreamed of owning . . .”

Lancaster House
Taylor Dean

Genre: Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781475068689

Number of pages: 304 pages
Word Count: 91,303

Amazon  Smashwords  Barnes and Noble    Apple iBooks 

Book Description: 

Are you ever really alone?

Zoe Grayson needs a change. So, she moves to another state, purchases an old, dilapidated 1920s Victorian Mansion, and sets out to restore it to its former glory. As she begins the restoration, she finds herself falling in love with the old house . . . not to mention its illustrious builder, Mr. Lancaster. Zoe becomes o obsessed with the house as she discovers its secrets; hidden rooms, secret passageways . . . and a mysterious man who seems to think the house is his. Who is he? More importantly, how does he live in her home unseen and unheard?

The unexpected answers leave her reeling—and questioning everything she’s ever known. To her dismay, Zoe’s actions land her in the local psychiatric hospital, scheming for ways to return to Lancaster House . . . and the love of her life.

The Patriots of Mars: The e-Book Bubble Pops

The Patriots of Mars: The e-Book Bubble Pops.

An interesting blog about Amazon’s algorithms and how higher priced ebooks are actually garnering higher rankings.

Barnes & Noble to Offer Its Award-Winning NOOK® Products and Digital Content in the UK Starting This Autumn – Yahoo! Finance

Barnes & Noble to Offer Its Award-Winning NOOK® Products and Digital Content in the UK Starting This Autumn – Yahoo! Finance.

Nook will be in the UK this fall, just in time for the holiday season. Get ready Indie authors. This can only be good!

She’s A Maniac . . .

That’s me. A maniac. Trying to catch up with my writing after a busy, and at times, stressful summer. Phew! So now it’s back to business and my insides are wracked with guilt. I have to ignore something if I’m to ever finish the Works in Progress glaring at me from the corner of my desk . . . but what shall it be? Facebook? Twitter? My blog? Will everyone forget me if I continue to maintain distance from social media? Aaargh!

I’m not only a maniac but an anxiety-riddled indecisive mother, wife, sister, grandmother, friend, author, chief cook and bottle washer. At the moment, I don’t feel I’m wearing any those hats with much success.

What is the one piece of advice all writers tell each other? The one constant? The compass for when life tugs at our shirt tails? Write. Above all else, write. Even if it’s only five minutes here, ten minutes there . . . write. It feeds the momentum and keeps us trudging forward during the gloomy times of writer’s block, family needs, day job stresses and overall confusion.

I finally followed my long time motto to BICHOK. Butt in chair, hands on keyboard. It works! So here’s what to expect from my newly  energized self. The Warrior – Book Two in the Clans of Tagus series – is set to publish September 1st in all digital formats. (Sorry, Nook and Apple fans. I will never publish exclusively with Amazon again. My bad. I heard your complaints and my already published titles are currently on other venues or soon will be. Now can you please return that piece of my ass that was so thoroughly chewed on? Not that I need it. Last time I looked in the mirror, there was plenty more where that came from!)

I’m being interviewed August 27th by the incredibly talented and multi-published Fantasy Romance author, Rachel Carrington. Check out her site because it’s chock full of great news, and then be sure to re-visit on the 27th when I’ll be her guest. It’s going to be fun, fun, fun! http://dawnrachel.com/

I plan to publish a rather spicy contemporary in October tentatively titled, Nice Girls . . . Do! I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

And I promise to return to my regular blogging schedule.

That’s a lot of promises. But hey, it’s an election year and I’m just trying to keep pace with the politicians. Let’s hope my fulfillment ratio is better than theirs! 😉

Are you a fickle reader?

Are eBook readers fickle during the languid, perfect-for-reading summer months? I’ve heard rumors alluding to such a theory but haven’t quite embraced it yet. Some authors believe there is a slump from June through August, even though vacation promotion photos arguably include a chaise lounge, umbrella and a book.

Ah . . .  a book. As in print published book. To be quite honest, I’m not sure I’ve seen a photo of someone lounging by the pool with an eReader unless it was a promotion by the device manufacturer.  Perhaps there’s a shred of truth to this theory, after all. Could fans of digitally published works subscribe to the archaic belief that summer reads can only be perused by flipping a page made of fiber and ink?

I’m not going to dispute the pro’s and con’s of print versus digital. That topic has been discussed at length by people more knowledgeable and factually informed than me. I personally believe print and digital can coexist amicably.

If you are one of those readers who absolutely MUST have a paper book in your hands while soaking up a few rays of summer, so be it. But when the first chill of autumn chases you to a cozy chair beside the fireplace, pick up your eReader and enjoy a clever tale while toasting your toes in the warm glow from the hearth.

And what better time to stock up for those wintry days when travel is inhibited than right now at the Book Lover’s Buffet Vacation Getaway. Just because there’s a 99 cent sale going on (through the 22nd) doesn’t mean you have to read them NOW. The concept is to save now and read later. With over 180 titles by some of the best Indie authors out there, you’re certain to find a few intriguing stories to add to your TBR database.

Go ahead. Load up your eReader. Pretend you’re a squirrel preparing diligently for next season when these same titles will be priced considerably higher. And if you sneak in a read or two during the summer, I won’t tell a soul. It will be our secret! (And if you happen to participate and win a prize as part of the great contests, my lips will remain sealed-unless you win one of the gift cards or books in my giveaway. Then I’ll shout it at the top of my lungs!)