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October’s Hallowed Authors – Deb Marcotte

This week’s October Hallowed Author  is Deb Marcotte – not because she writes Paranormal, Fantasy or any fictional genre but because she is an inspiration in a time filled with doubt, lost faith and dwindling humanity. Deb’s heartwarming account of what it’s like raising four special needs children in a small Oklahoma town is the stuff from which others find the strength to carry on. She’s the example people use when they say “my life has been troubled but it could be worse.”

And yet, she perseveres and we are all blessed because of it.

I grew up in Oklahoma. I know first hand how warm and caring most of the people can be. I also know how judgmental and small minded the rest can be. It’s a conservative area smack dab in the middle of the Bible belt. There are those who play on your pain by saying you weren’t a good enough Christian so that’s why God punished you – or took someone you loved. (Yes, I’ve heard those comments.) There are others who  work tirelessly to help any way they can without thought of recognition or receiving compensation. Oklahoma is a state full of contradictions.  It can be heaven or hell, depending on your perspective.

I think anyone who knows Deb would say she qualifies as God’s instrument, if one chooses to embrace those beliefs. Deb, on the other hand, would probably say it’s the other way around. She is blessed by the incredible gift of her children. Perhaps there’s a bit of truth to both.

You can follow Deb’s real life adventure at http://gifts-of-grace.blogspot.com/

You can also pay it forward by offering your own gift of grace. Purchase her book. It’s well written and a real tear jerker, not a hastily penned effort. Medical expenses are astronomical and each sale helps pay for her children’s ongoing care.


Book Description:

A mother’s worst fears are almost always centered on her children. Gifts Of Grace is the compelling and true story of Deb Marcotte’s worst nightmare becoming an unimaginable reality. As Deb anxiously awaited the results of the CT scan, she had almost convinced herself that her four-year-old daughter, Allie, was fine. A glance at the medical chart showed otherwise. Deb’s heart sank as reality was confirmed by the doctor with words that sent her world spiraling – “It looks like she has had a stroke. But there are older strokes that are present as well.” Guilt, fear, panic and an avalanche of other emotions erupted as Deb began to tearfully attempt some level of control. As she had done so many other times, Deb turned to God. Deb prayed for strength and understanding. She prayed that her faith would overcome her questions. This was the beginning of countless medical procedures in hospitals around the country. Allie would endure multiple brain surgeries and endless tests as medical experts worked to find a cure. Deb remained strong in prayer and even stronger as Allie’s advocate. Gifts Of Grace is an unforgettable story of a young girl’s inspiring strength, a mother’s unbreakable faith and indomitable spirit, and a loving God’s everlasting gifts.