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Hex and the Single Witch – A Thriller To Sink Your Teeth Into

No one told me to have a glass of ice water at my side while reading Hex and the Single Witch. By the time I realized how much heat this book generates, I was too engrossed to put it down and too busy turning pages to go to the kitchen.

Passion, desire and hot, steamy sex are a big part of this book but there’s so much more. The sign of good Erotica is removing the sex and seeing if you still have a story, otherwise it’s just porn.  Hex and the Single Witch delivers a great story. This paranormal thriller will keep you guessing on a couple of levels and leave you anxiously awaiting the next release.

Book One of the Vehicle City Vampires series introduces us to Anwyn Rose, a young witch whose only real power is the ability to read minds with a touch. She’s a detective on the Flint, Michigan’s P.I.T. crew (Preternatural Investigation Team) who uses her special gifts to see the last thoughts of murder victims and thus, identify their killer. She’s also liaison to the “Others”, supernaturals who run the town.

When a Vampire serial killer hits Flint and starts draining the blood from young women, Anwyn is called upon to use her gift. The crafty villain blocks her power of “knowing” and she is unable to see his face. It doesn’t stop her from experiencing the women’s deaths, however . . . an intensely orgasmic experience that leaves her horny as hell.

Her sexy partner, Mike Malone, would love to take care of her needs and he’s definitely built for the job but she lusts after Galen, a vampire with old world values who doesn’t trust himself not to drain Anwyn during sex. Abstinence is not what she wants.  Driven by urgings too strong to ignore, Anwyn discovers someone has put her under a spell. And that’s only the beginning.

Navigating a love triangle that grows more complicated by the minute is the least of her worries as she struggles to find the murderous vampire and save Galen from execution.

Hex and the Single Witch is an interesting contemporary thriller filled with magick, mystery and mayhem. Ms. Rhoads has done an excellent job of merging sex, romance and suspense in a new world setting while keeping the characters believable.

You’re gonna like this book!

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