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Spotlight: The COWBOY and The VAMPIRE, Book 3 by Hays & McFall


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Rough Trails and Shallow Graves

The Cowboy and the Vampire Collection

Book Three

Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall


CV-book-3iGenre: Paranormal Romance/Western Romance

Publisher: Pumpjack Press

Date of Publication: May 5, 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9838200-4-8

Number of pages: 358

Word Count: 82,900

Cover Artist: Aaron Perkins


Book Description:

Say goodbye to LonePine, Wyoming, a typical small town in the American west with typical small town problems — romantic intrigues, warm beer and vampires.

When Lizzie goes missing on their wedding night, Tucker is forced to team up with his bloodthirsty Russian nemesis to find answers. Crashing through cowboy country, the vampire spirit world and wrecked salmon canneries, they confront an evil more ancient than even the undead — human greed — twisting science into something terrible.

Can there be a happily-ever-after for a cowboy and vampire, or is their unusual love just a delusion?  Time to cowboy up.

This is the third book in The Cowboy and the Vampire Collection.

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Reviews of the first two books….

Introducing racial issues isn’t the only adjustment the authors have made to the vampire mythos, but it’s more than just the details that set this series apart. Rather, it’s the way the authors utilize those details to create meaningful conflicts and world-altering choices for the characters…the book is first and foremost a thriller, upping the ante in every chapter as bullets fly and relationships strain under the weight of old loyalties and new revelations…with strong writing, funny characters (no irony is lost on one vampiress who takes to sporting a “Future Farmers of America” jacket) and plenty of action, it’s hard to fault the authors for keeping the focus on a story this riveting. ~ Kirkus Reviews

As a vampire novel, The Cowboy and the Vampire is sure to satisfy Dracula fans’ expectations. However, this book has a little something extra to offer readers. A little something that harkens back to the days when man fought against the wild in the name of civilization. Hays and McFall have succeeded in mixing the Western genre tropes with the Gothic conventions to create a zany grey romance.

 ~ Writastic Thoughts from the Thinking Realm

One of the weirdest stories I have ever read. It’s right up there with Neil Gaiman’s man-swallowing woman parts and talking tents. Instead, here we have rocket-launching, womb-sucking, Bible-bending, non-pointy-toothed vampires. And love. And cowboys. Depending on what you are looking for, that might be a good thing. If I had to liken this book to a movie, it would either be to Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, or maybe more appropriately, Quentin Tarantino’s From Dusk to Dawn.

~ The Avid Reader

The Cowboy and the Vampire: A Very Unusual Romance is one of the funniest and most engaging books I have read in a long time. Jam-packed with adventure, vampires, true love, and a cast of characters you will not soon forget, you find yourself turning the pages thinking, “What more could possibly happen to these two?” And then, you find out. I never imagined the melding of a contemporary western and a paranormal romance could ever be so seamless or so much fun.

~ Bitten by Books

A choice and very much recommended read, not to be missed. Relationships are tumultuous when they may only last a few decades, but when they last eternity, it can get more difficult. “Blood and Whiskey” is a novel of adventure, horror, and cowboys as a follow up to previous novel ‘The Cowboy and the Vampire’, as couple Tucker and Lizzie retreat to a tiny town to of LonePine, hoping to settle down, but the reality of the Vampires on their trail may make that an impossibility. A riveting read that explores many concepts on top of the intrigue of vampires in the lawless lands of the west, “Blood and Whiskey” is a choice and very much recommended read, not to be missed.

~ Midwest Book Review, Micah Andrew, Reviewer

If you’re looking for a combination of sex, blood and Western romance, pour yourself a shot of the good stuff and settle in for a wickedly good read.

~ Renee Struthers, Eastern Oregonian Newspaper

About the Authors:

Between the two of them, Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall have worked in writing jobs ranging from cowboy-poet to energy journalist to restaurant reviewer to university press officer. After they met, their writing career took center stage when they wrote the first book in The Cowboy and the Vampire Collection as a test for marriage. They passed. Clark and Kathleen now live in Portland, Oregon.



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RELEASE DAY: Brass Stars by A.G. Carpenter

Brass Stars

A.G. Carpenter

BS_web(main)Genre:  SF Western

Publisher:  Eggplant Literary Productions, Inc.

Date of Publication:  11/18/2013

ISBN: 978-1-932207-49-1(Nook),

ISBN: 978-1-932207-50-7 (Kindle)

Word Count: 21,000

Cover Artist: Paul Alexandrescu


Book Description:

Tashndelu Sand has wandered the known universe on a mission of vengeance.  She’s spent years tracking down the gang who murdered her mother.  And, with the help of Snyder—a psychotic cyber-horse with an agenda of his own—she’s killed all but one: Brannigan.

Now she’s come to Paradise, a lonely town on a desert planet.  Here, Brannigan rules with a new gang.  Here, the graveyard is filled with the corpses of gunslingers who have tried, and failed, to kill him.

Get in, kill Brannigan, and get out.  That’s the plan.  And Tashn is determined to finish what she started.  She’ll not be stopped: not by Brannigan’s army; not by her feelings for Johnny, an Extra sapien like her; not even by the darkness she sees in herself.


I stand up, sway for a moment and catch my shoulder hard against the post. “Ungh. Damn.”

Jackson is on his feet in a heartbeat, slipping his arms around my waist. “Easy.”

My cheeks are hot. At least it’s dark and maybe he won’t notice. “I’m all right.”

“You’re certain?”

“Just tired.” I try to shrug away from his hands. “It’s been a long day.”

“Yes.” A pause. “Tashn…” He leans in and kisses me.

Warm as a spring afternoon. Intense as a lightning strike. His arms holding me hard and close. Pushing me back toward the house.

It’s nice. Enjoyable, even. And also terrifying. There is no spark like there is with Johnny, no rush of blood in thighs and breasts.

This is energy of a different kind. I take a breath, trying to find something to say. “What the hell, Jackson.” I thump his shoulder with my fist. “You think I’m easy?”

“No.” His eyes are dark, serious. He pulls me in a second time, slower, but no less intense. My chest aches with it.

“Stop.” My hands are knotted in the front of his shirt, caught somewhere between pulling him close and shoving him away. “Let go of me.”

He takes a half-step back, leaning against the other side of the doorframe. Only inches separate us, but it hurts like a bruise.

I press both hands against my chest, panting for breath. This isn’t lust, and I’ll be damned if I think it’s love. But I know this pain. The grief of separation, no matter how slight. The echo of connection, no matter how permanent the distance.

I felt this way when they put Mother under the sand.

I felt this way the day I left my father’s village.

“Damn you, Jackson.” I can barely whisper around the weight over my heart.

He cups my face between his hands. “Come inside, Tashn.”

“I can’t.”

“John won’t keep you safe like I will.”

“Like you will. A gunner with no gun.” I grin, bitter. “I think I’ll take my chances with the one-eyed Extra.”

He tips his head as though he will kiss me again, but this time I lean away from him.

Read another excerpt here: http://eggplantproductions.com/excerpt-brass-stars-g-carpenter/

About the Author:

A.G. Carpenter writes fiction of (and for) all sorts. She studied film-making in college, but quickly discovered that pen and paper are a less costly medium. She likes: movies where things explode, rainy days, strong tea with lots of milk and sugar. Her favorite color is black.

She lives in the South-eastern United States with her husband, their lively son and a herd of cats.

Twitter: @Aggy_C

Blog: agcarpenter.blogspot.com

Goodreads: A.G. Carpenter

Brass Stars Button 300 x 225

Bonus Material for Release Day Blitz:

What Happened to Earth? – Theories abound about the reported “loss” of Homo Sapien’s planet of origin, but they boil down to three main ideas.

The most commonly accepted is The Navigational Miscalculation Theory. It claims there was an error in the navigational calculations much like the Mars Surveyor loss of 1998 AD. By the time the error was detected and rectified, the coordinates of origin had been so corrupted it was impossible to relocate Earth. (This would also explain the dozens of transports that missed their target worlds on this end.) The specifics of the type of miscalculation and the degree of error are the subject of heated debate especially at a university level.

The second major theory is the Deliberate Data Corruption Theory. Proponents hold that the navigational charts and data were deliberately corrupted in order to keep Homo Sapien from returning to a homeworld that was already damaged beyond the ability to support large quantities of life. “Nostalgia,” one scientist was reported as saying, “can be more powerful than self-preservation.”

The third theory is The Rich Bastards Theory. In this theory the wealthy decided to keep Earth for themselves and paid to have the origin coordinates destroyed or corrupted. The biggest flaw in this particular idea is the continuing presence of rich bastards in the colonies.

Leeland Snyder’s Last Words

A tall man with thin hands and dark hair takes a seat opposite the recorder and smooths a piece of paper on the table in front of him. He clears his throat.

I, Leeland Snyder, now record my final words.

A pause, while he studies the paper.

My final words in this material form. If there is justice in the world, my brain will survive the planned surgery and I will be given a second-chance at life. A chance to prove that I am innocent of the crimes of which I have been accused.

He combs his hair behind his ears.

I know that many of you feel I am an evil man, guilty of the murders of seventeen women and one child, but I can only remind you that sixteen of them were my wives. I am as heartbroken as the rest of their families over their brutal loss. I can only hope that the true killer will eventually be brought to justice.

An unsettling smile turns his mouth up at the corners.

In the matter of Abigail McKinley and her half-breed daughter, I had no role in their deaths. Though I was witness to the real criminals who took that mother and child too soon. I leave it to you to draw the natural conclusion that my subsequent trial and conviction is merely the attempt to bury the truth that I am capable of revealing.

He folds up the paper and tucks it into his pocket.

For the others, my dear and departed wives, I can only mourn. And I pray that those powers that be will allow me to continue my existence in some form ’til I may bring the truth about their deaths to light. Well. All except for Martha Clemmings. That bitch had it coming.

– End of Recording –

Spotlight & Interview: Karen Lopp – “Effie’s Outlaw”

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I love Historical Westerns. Love to read ’em. Love to watch movies about that era. Love to visit the places where it all started.  So naturally, I loved the opportunity to indulge in a fun conversation with author Karen Lopp who writes Historical Western Romance. And you’ll love the spotlight on her latest release, “Effie’s Outlaw” that I included after my interview .

Effies Outlaw Button 300 X 225


As a transplanted Oklahoman, it is my extreme pleasure to welcome another native “Okie” to my blog today. I’m sure Karen will agree that Oklahoma provides a rich heritage which lends itself perfectly to her chosen genre, Historical Western Romance.

Karen, your bio reads you are ” . . . drawn to the courageous lives of the women who lived through the hardships of the past and triumphed.” I’m immediately reminded of the Pioneer Woman statue in Ponca City, Oklahoma. What do you find most inspiring about the women of that era?

The resilience that was required in their everyday lives. I really admire how they stepped up and took on many tasks that we, today would balk at. They not only kept the house going, they often assisted with outdoor chores and often had to be the doctor, bookkeeper, and gardener.

I’ve heard that you often draw on your family’s history to influence your writing, and especially your grandmother. Can you give us an example?

My grandmother grew up on a farm and married a farmer. They lived through the depression and one story she wrote down has stayed with me for years and reminded me just how good we have it. At one point she only had the means to purchase one piece of material for a new dress. She mistakenly cut it out wrong. Instead of giving up, she simply flipped the half of the material to the wrong side and made a two-toned skirt.

You currently reside in New Mexico, another enchanted land with a colorful heritage. What do you like most about the history of this state and do you plan to incorporate any of it into future books?

The green chilies of course. The smell of them roasting is wonderful and always let me know fall is in the air. My novel, Shotgun Bride is set in the northern part of New Mexico where I lived for a short space of time. And yes, adding some of the heritage of New Mexico into future books has been something I plan on doing. 

What projects are you currently working on?

I have another western that is mostly completed. Still trying to come up with a great title. I also have a completed romantic suspense that I have farmed out to beta readers.

I understand you have an ongoing competition with your father to see who can grow the tallest Hollyhocks. J Share some gardening secrets with us!

LOL, in my soil there is very little that will grow. Roses and hollyhocks do wonderful in this ground but little else does. So for here, we use a raised bed and imported soil to grow vegetables. So, I wish I had some good tips but in this high, dry desert climate, only  a few things will grow.

I found the most scrumptious gluten free recipes on your blog. Special diets require a LOT of research and taste tests. Trust me, I know. So I have to ask . . . how do you balance family, gardening, cooking and writing?

Special diets do require a ton of work. Much more than I bargained for when I was diagnosed with celiac.  And living in a rural area the options at the store are very limited and forget going out to eat. So I do have to make time to cook every meal which takes time management. My children are out of the house now, but my daughter also has it so we try to help each other with new recipes and ideas. We try to make items in bulk and premix what we can. This saves a lot of time. Other than that, I make myself sit and write event when the house is in chaos with dirty laundry, a sink full of dishes and weeds that need pulled in the garden. When I take a break from writing, that’s when I address those chores. 

And now for some fun . . .

You’ve found a magic stone with the power to transport you to any time, any place. Where are you going and why? (Since I know you love the Old West, pick a different time period.)

I would go back to the founding of America. There are so many people I’d love to meet and just sitting and listening to the debates would be fascinating. 

Thank you, Karen, for sharing a bit of your life with us. I’m looking forward to reading “Effie’s Outlaw”, as I know my readers will, too!

EFFIE’S OUTLAW by Karen Lopp


Genre: Historical Western Romance

Publisher: SoulMate Publishing

Cover Artist: Devon

Book Description:

Boston heiress, Effie Sheridan, takes matters into her own hands when her fortune is being stolen. The last thing she expects is to be kidnapped by a gang of train robbers. Forced to pretend to be an outlaw’s lover to stay alive, she questions her sanity when she is drawn to the gruff, yet charming bandit who risks everything to save her.

U.S. Deputy, Alex Marshall is mad enough to spit nails when the beautiful, city-bred girl lands in his arms. Unable to abandon her to the cruelties of the gang, he searches for a way out of the responsibility. But her courage and sweet kisses begin to chip away at the bitterness inside his heart and he must choose between revenge on the gang that slaughtered everyone he loved or redemption for saving a women he can never have.


“He can’t discover who I am.”

Something indefinable in the tone of her voice scared the hell out him. “And just who are you?”

A long minute passed before she glanced up. Tight lines edged her eyes. He tucked her hair behind her ear.” I need to know what I’m up against.”

“Get me out of here, tonight,” Was the only answer she gave him.

Lips compressed, he took her hand and stalked to their campsite. Maybe if he opened up a bit he could coax something out of her.

Reclined on the grass beside Grace, Alex locked his hands behind his head and stared at the sky. “My real name is Alex. What’s yours?”

She fiddled with her skirt and avoided eye contact for several minutes. “Effie.”

“That wasn’t so hard was it?” Alex rolled to his side and propped his head on his hand.

Grace hugged her knees. “No.”

“Now, tell me what has you so spooked.”

“I can’t.”

Alex curled his fingers tight. “Why not?”

“I don’t trust you much more than I do Ben.” She hugged her knees tighter.

That stung. “Haven’t I tried to help you?”

“You rob people for gain don’t you?” Sarcasm laced her accusation.

He sighed at the tangle of lies he was embedded in. “Not really.”

Effie scowled down at him. “Then what motivates you to steal?”

Alex doubted she could ever understand the loss of loved ones in a brutal mass murder. She’d never understand his need for revenge so he could ease the pain in his heart. It would be useless to try and explain it to her.

“Gives me a little excitement.” He added another lie to his list of deceptions.

“I don’t believe you.”

Alex jerked up, he wasn’t a knight in shining armor and he couldn’t afford for her to guess his real reason for being in the gang. “Keep your secrets then, but don’t blame me if you find yourself in a bind.” He marched off.

Let the sheltered city girl stew over his warning, he told himself. Memories of his family reminded Alex he still hadn’t discovered who pulled the trigger that fateful day, and Effie’s presence hindered his efforts. Alex was almost tempted to give her to Ben and let him figure out what to do with her.

Light but noisy footsteps followed him. He spun around. “What?”

“Please Alex, don’t be angry.”

“You want my help, my protection, with no concept of the consequences. I’m not some hired hand you can boss around. Dangling false promises of money under my nose won’t work. I take you away and I can never show my face around here again.” He thrust a finger at her. “You have no idea what that costs me.”

Hands balled on her hips, Effie glared at him. “Then you should never have brought me here.”

Guilt washed over him and he snapped. “Why don’t you hustle on down the hill and tell Sam you’d rather be his. Solve my problems.”

Effie threw herself at his chest and fisted his shirt. Panic bleached her face. “No!” she cried out, fear heavy in the one word.

Damn, the girl made him feel like a bastard.

About the Author:

karen lopp

Steeped in a rich family history, Karen Lopp has always been drawn to the courageous lives of the women who lived through the hardships of the past and triumphed.

A transplant from Oklahoma where she grew up on a farm just one mile away from where her great-grandparents settled in the land run, Karen now lives in the enchanted land of New Mexico and has a running competition with her dad on who can grow the tallest hollyhocks. Books and tales of ancestors were staples in her life and she fell in love with history. Enthralled with the short stories her grandmother wrote and passed down, she took the plunge (with encouragement from hubby and kids) into the world of writing.  Her inspiration comes from research into her family tree and their interesting lives.