Another Short Story – ONCE UPON A TIME

The inspiration for this tale came from the historical Edgewood Plantation near Charles City, Virginia. The lore is featured in my book Road Tales. The Lore Elizabeth “Lizzie” Rowland fell in love with a young man from a nearby estate. As soon as she heard the distinctive gait of her suitor’s horse, Lizzie would run […]

REVIEW: Soul Dancing With The Brass Band by Vicki Renfro

REVIEW: What an amazing story! Vicki Renfro has penned an epic tale of transformation and spiritual enlightenment, masterfully guiding a group of souls through two eras with the ease of a Hollywood director. Soul Dancing With The Brass Band is a well written novel that captivates from the first page. It’s deep, thought provoking and soulful, but not as esoteric as Cloud […]

“Impossible Realities” – A Book for Curious Minds

My mother used to say, “Curiosity killed the cat.” I was a curious child and an even more inquisitive adult – so reading “Impossible Realities” was like the best sugar high I’ve ever experienced because there was no crash. Only the anticipation one feels prior to embarking on a journey filled with possibility. “Impossible Realities” is […]