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Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you but I’m sooo happy for a new year. It’s not that 2016 was horrible. More like unstructured. As in Murphy’s Law unstructured. Few of my plans came to fruition in the way I had hoped. Some of those “detours” turned into delightful experiences. A few . . . meh, not so much. There were ups and downs as there are in any year but 2016 just felt awkward.

I’m not a big New Year’s resolution gal. As much as I like having a “plan” for my activities, resolutions feel more like prison i.e. I’m being forced to comply. My gypsy spirit flat out rebels! Kind of crazy since I’m the one making the rules but that’s how my brain works. (I’m sure I could drive a psychiatrist nuts with that one!)

So here’s the deal. I’m not making a resolution but I will “plan” to diligently promote some facet of my author life every . . . single . . . day. Oh, geez . . . the pressure! It’s already starting so please consider this blog my good intention promotion for Jan 1, 2017.

I just added a sidebar calendar for author appearances in 2017. If you plan to be in Arizona during one of my events, I’d love to meet you. If not, I understand. “Plans” sometimes don’t work out the way we hoped.

My Wish For 2013: Humanity

In many ways, 2012 was a difficult year – not just for me but for the world in general. What I found most disturbing, however, is the increasing trend toward a lack of humanity. What’s happened to the nations of the world? Our peoples?

stockxpertcom_id196170_PeaceHands_ISSUEHumanity means you’ve overcome prejudice;  you recognize differences in opinions and lifestyles, and while not always agreeing, you are, at least, accepting. It means you’ve moved past someone’s religious affiliation or lack of one. You see the person before you – not what country they’re from, where they purchase their clothes, their sexual orientation,  or the balance in their bank account.

Humanity means you treat others as you would wish to be treated. With respect. With understanding. With compassion. Let’s hope we can come together from all corners of the Earth in 2013 to practice a bit more humanity.

That goes for sportscasters who create animosity and violence among fans for the sake of ratings, never once caring about the repercussions. And media personalities who push the boundaries of ethics and professionalism by creating insane publicity stunts like publishing the names/addresses of gun owners to sabotaging the royal family’s privacy and triggering a hospital employee’s suicide. Or the mass attacks on entire groups of people, from the brutal rape and torture of women in New Delhi to the genocides in countries like the Congo and Darfur.

Those actions are cruel, thoughtless and fueled by the desire for power. But where is the humanity? How can someone look in the face of a six year old while firing several bullets into their small body? Is it possible not to cringe at the screams from a woman being beaten and raped with an iron pipe? Does the crumpled and burned corpses from an entire village haunt their murderer’s dreams?

My wish for the new year is that we all develop a bit more humanity within ourselves and by doing so, plant the seeds for better years to come.

Love and peace.