EGO – Everyone’s Got One

I’ve often wondered at what point A-list celebrities become jaded to their success. Recognizable folks from any walk of life are at risk but since the world (especially Americans and Brits) obsess over the antics of the rich and famous, it must happen more quickly with those prominent, newsworthy folks. However,  even photogenic “beautiful” people […]

Paper Doll – A Mystery With So Much More

REVIEW: PAPER DOLL (Jana Lane Mystery Book 1) by Joe Cosentino should be on everyone’s summer reading list – not just because it’s a well written mystery thriller but because it’s fun! Quirky. Refreshing. And will keep you guessing to the end. I loved the cast of characters. Each eccentric soul is motivated by their own agenda […]

Review – “The Naked Storyteller” by Laura Michelle Thomas

The Naked Storyteller by Laura Michelle Thomas Genre: Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Comedy Book Description: Harry Tyke is a flabby, divorced grade-six teacher on the verge of a monumental mid-life crisis when he unexpectedly ends up in a storytelling workshop taught by a creative, free-thinking teacher-turned-storyteller named Olga. The workshop awakens Harry’s long dead romantic side and […]

“Playing Darlene” – Not Your Average Fantasy

Most kids grow up playing make believe. Sometimes it carries into adulthood. Go to any Renaissance Faire and tell me those participants are not having fun. But when fantasy borders sexual deviance, it suddenly becomes a topic that’s not spoken about in “polite” company, and practiced in dark dungeons. “Playing Darlene” is a true story […]