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Giveaway & Author Interview: WILLOW ROSE

I’m happy to welcome author WillowRose, an amazing writer who just released her latest book, “Savage” from the series, Daughters of the Jaguar… and one of my lucky readers will win a FREE copy!!! It’s easy – leave a comment with your contact information and we’ll draw the winning name at the end of the day on Friday, September 14th. 

About the Author:

Willow Rose writes Paranormal Romance, fantasy and mystery. Originally from Denmark she now lives on Florida’s Space Coast with her husband and two daughters. She is a huge fan of Anne Rice and Isabel Allende. When she is not writing or reading she enjoys to watch the dolphins play in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/willowredrose

twitter: @madamwillowrose

Blog: http://www.willow-rose.blogspot.com

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13648992-savage


 Willow, please share a brief description of “Savage” and tell us what we can expect from the series.

In Savage, we meet Christian, who is a young man torn between the world of science and the world of magic. He has left his country of Denmark and is going to Florida to go to med school. He meets Aiyana who is a spirit-filled girl living in a completely different world than he is. Her family is descendants from the Timucua Indians that lived in Florida before the Spaniards came. They live in a world of magic, music and laughter and Christian feels so drawn to them.  At the same time he has a violent encounter with a savage beast in the swamps of Florida, an encounter that makes him doubt everything he has always believed.

I will write three books about the main character Christian.  It is sort of a family-saga really. In the first book Savage he is in his twenties and so is the woman he falls in love with. I have just finished the second book “Broken” and in this one they have kids of their own and are in their thirties. In the last book they will have young teenagers. I am also planning on doing a book about Aiyana, the spirit-filled Native American girl that he falls hopelessly in love with. About her and when she first discovers who and what she really is. I might also do a book about her sister who does telekinesis and their grand-mother who predicts natural disasters. I love those characters so much that they each deserve their own book.

What draws you to Paranormal/Fantasy and where do you get your inspiration?

I get that question a lot and it is so hard to answer in just a few sentences. Because where do inspiration come from? I for one have no idea. I get it from everything and everyone around me. From people I meet, from articles I read and movies I watch. For me a book starts with the characters. The characters and their story come to me. I like to say that they “pop up” in my head. That is the best way I can describe it. The characters are just there all of a sudden with their backgrounds and problems and then they start to do stuff and talk to other people and soon there is a whole story that I simply have to tell or else I will burst. The main character Christian in Savage is somewhat inspired by my husband. Back in ’83 when he was 19 years old he was sent to Florida by his parents to live with a very wealthy family just like Christian in Savage. My husband’s experiences coming from a small country Denmark to the big USA in the 80’ies are very similar to those of Christian, yet they do not share backgrounds.  Christian has lost his mother in a young age and that has had a huge impact on who he is and why he acts the way he does. He matures a lot throughout the book and love changes him from being a selfish self-centered boy into a young man.

I love Paranormal/Fantasy because I get to use all of my imagination. I started out writing mystery-novels but since they have to be so realistic I never got the chance to use my imagination to the fullest. So that’s why I started writing fantasy and paranormal romance.

You moved to the United States from Denmark. What is one thing you love about each country?

I love the Americans for their openness and friendliness. They are a very positive people and easy to get along with.

I love the Danish humor.

If you could go back in time, where would you go and during what era?

I always felt like I was born too late. I should have been young in the sixties. I would have loved that.

Tell us about one of your favorite authors and why you like his/her books.

I love anything Anne Rice has ever written. It is her way of describing things and especially characters that draws me. She makes me care about the characters even if I don’t want to.

Paranormal is sometimes dark. What do you do to “lighten” it up?

Put in some extra love and nice characters.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Writing more books. I hope to be writing until my brain doesn’t work anymore.

 And now for some fun stuff!  Since your new series is titled Daughters of the Jaguar, let’s play with an animal theme.

 If you could create a new hybrid species, which two animals would you blend, what would it look like and what would you call it?

Maybe a mix between a jaguar and a Pegasus. I have fallen completely in love with the jaguar ever since I began researching about it. But it would be so cool if it had wings and you could fly on it. Maybe it could be called a Jagsus.

We use color to describe many animals. For instance, bright multi-colored splashes remind us of an Amazon Parrot. Black and white brings to mind a Zebra. If you were to color coordinate your wardrobe, what would be your predominate colors and which animal’s coat would it most closely resemble?

Actually I have a lot of jaguar/leopard dresses and shirts and shoes. I love that pattern. But I also love colors so the Amazon parrot Probably isn’t that far off either. I live in Florida so I can wear dresses with many colors all year around. I love that. 


Daughters of the Jaguar #1
by Willow Rose

Genre: Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1477662391


Number of pages: 447

Word Count: 87000

Cover Artist: Jan Sigetty Boeje

Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/BwzYsoUn2VY


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