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It’s MY turn – New Release Contest “The WARRIOR”

After months (and I mean MONTHS) of challenging aspects in my life, I’ve finally put them behind me – or at least toughened up enough to trudge through  – and released the long overdue second book in my Clans of Tagus series, “The WARRIOR”.

A short summation of my trials without going into a lot of details: a premature grandson with a rare genetic disorder which has, and will, require constant care. He’s a sweet, sweet baby. An angel, truly. But his life will not be an easy one so my hubby and I have decided to remain in the Carolinas. No more plans to return to Arizona, a long held personal dream.

But with that decision, I started a new course through uncharted territory. A little scary. An emotional tug-o-war. A complete alteration to my carefully planned future.

I’m ready to move forward now after weeks and months of NICU, specialists, worrying and resignation that life has taken on a different form with new priorities. Since I’d put my writing on hold while devoting time and energy to family, and ignored promotion, networking and creative plans for future books, my book sales, of course, took a nose dive. Summer is typically slow for digital sales. Mine was almost non-existent.

No problem. I’ll rebound. Finish edits and rewrites of “The WARRIOR”. A good plan until I hurt my shoulder. Since I was reduced to five and ten minute sessions at the keyboard before my fingers went numb . . . actually only two fingers because I couldn’t use all of them . . . it was a slow, depressing time. I considered walking away from writing altogether.

But some good meds, rehabilitation exercises and a glass of wine or two finally restored my usually optimistic attitude if not my complete mobility.

The beginning of 2012 was fantastic. The middle, devastating. The ending . . . a rebirth. And birth can be painful. Why do you think babies cry when they first come into this world?

“The WARRIOR” is now available on Amazon for only .99 cents and will soon be up at Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.  Please pass along the news.  I was moving upward at a rapid rate of speed when I took my tumble. Falling that hard and that fast hurts – but it taught me some valuable lessons.

  • Expect the unexpected.
  • Help those who are just starting out, because starting over is the same thing.
  • It really doesn’t matter if you fall, as long as you get back up.
  • Fear is as big a motivator as success.

There are many more bullets I could add to my list but I think you get the point. The last thing I want to say is “THANK YOU” to all my fans, friends and peers who kept me afloat when I thought I was going down for the count. I’m humbled by your support.

And to show my thanks, I’m giving away  ecopy sets of The GATEKEEPER and The WARRIOR to two lucky participants. Just leave a comment to enter. I’ll choose the winners on Christmas Day!



by Deb Sanders

Genre: Urban Fantasy

33,000 words



Coming soon to 

Barnes & Noble



Artimon, a Tagusian Warrior first introduced in The Gatekeeper (Book One), is working with the Underground on Earth to stop an impending invasion by the ruthless Warlords. When his investigation into a band of insurgents hits a snag, he reluctantly pairs with Zara, a Dark Fae archer with her own agenda for finding the rebel’s lair. After revealing her sister, Lily, is imprisoned at a secret underground location and has been forced to use her telepathic powers to contact the Warlord leader on Tagus, Artimon agrees to help Zara rescue Lily in exchange for information on the rebel’s bunker.

Artimon and Zara exhibit instant dislike for each other. Having shunned emotions in their quest for combat mental toughness, they attempt to override their hostility for the sake of the mission. But the two warriors become locked in a battle for competitive prowess and leadership. As tempers flare and emotions are unleashed, they soon find themselves fighting a different battle, one of intense attraction and sexual desire.

After Zara locates her comatose sister, she realizes the Warlord leader has imprisoned Lily’s consciousness on Tagus, and if her physical body and psyche are not reunited, she will soon die.

Artimon seeks out Kylie, the Gatekeeper, for assistance. They devise a risky plan to enter Tagus through a secret Fae portal at Ben Bulben, Ireland. Zara assumes they are on a rescue mission to free Lily but Artimon is determined to kill his nemesis from youth, Gunter, now leader of the Warlords.

Events push the two warriors toward a terrifying confrontation where their lives and love hang in the balance, as does the future of two worlds – a confrontation where one warrior will win but only at the expense of the other.

Romantic Times Review and Fun Quiz

Romantic Times Reviews Monthly Quiz is a fun way to find out which genre will provide the best read for your taste. And guess what? The GATEKEEPER is one of the suggested titles.  Go to http://www.rtbookreviews.com/rt-daily-blog/june-2012-which-self-published-story-right-you-take-quiz to take this short quiz.

How cool is that??? The GATEKEEPER is one of my featured titles at www.bookloversbuffet.com for only 99 cents. Prices go up after June 22nd. Hurry and purchase your copy now. You can read it later!

RT also rated The GATEKEEPER with 4 stars in their June issue. Here’s the review in case you missed it:

“World domination, and the individuals who prevent it, is the central theme in Sanders’ clever tale. Kylie is a strong woman, searching for her family, caught in a battle between good and evil. Readers will love the adventure and romance woven throughout.

Summary: Kylie Baker finds out that her mother may be alive and that she has left her a small fortune and a very special necklace. Clay Eden is immediately infatuated with Kylie – so much so that when she leaves him behind in an effort to save him, he follows her across the country. Kylie is deep in trouble when Clay catches up with her. The secrets and lies, and the fate of the world, could keep these star-crossed lovers at bay.”

Thanks to Sabrina Cooper for a great review.

MORE Free books! Today!

Don’t ya just love contests? I do!

And the next best thing to winning a contest is offering MY book as the prize.  The Romance Reviews has been partying like there’s no tomorrow while celebrating their 1st Anniversary. TODAY….you can play a fun Q&A game at their site and enter for a chance to win  a copy of The Gatekeeper, as well as other great titles.

You say you haven’t read my sexy paranormal, The Gatekeeper, Book 1 of The Clans of Tagus series? Are you serious???? You can still play because I hid the answer on my website. And if you’re reading this, all you have to do is glance to the right, read the blurb under The Romance Reviews widget and voila! You now have the answer to enter the contest. To make it even simpler, I’ll provide the link to The Romance Reviews website – http://www.theromancereviews.com/event.php  Scroll to the bottom of the page.

It doesn’t get any easier than this, people. Go! Play! Win! This might be the best thing to happen to you all day.  It is a Monday, after all. What are you waiting for? Still reading? Click the link….