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WIP, Titles, and Keeping Secrets

WIP (Work In Progress) Such a non-descript name for a project that typically consumes a writer’s every waking moment and often much of their sleep. I’ve always felt better with a “working title”. It breathes life into the manuscript, gives it soul. Until then, my WIP is just words on paper.

There are times you might choose not to broadcast the title, especially if it’s unique, witty or a dead giveaway to your plot. Understandably you want to protect the name until your manuscript is ready for submission. SPOILER ALERT: It probably doesn’t matter. A lot of working titles get changed before publication anyway.

It still feels good to be #amwriting on a titled project rather than some generic WIP. I often say, “I’m working on my paranormal.” Or “I’m editing my romantic suspense.” But when I open my Word file, I see a title. I suppose it’s a form of visualization toward manifestation. (Look at those big words!) The title page and estimated word count relay a future accomplishment. I’m secretly thinking of the completed book and the day I will submit to agents/editors. It makes it more “real”.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, renowned motivational and spiritual teacher, says, “When you believe it, you’ll see it.”
Every time I open my WIP file and read my title with my name printed right below as author, I believe it.