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Things That Happen During Sex You Won’t Read in Romance Novels | Jessica Scott

Things That Happen During Sex You Won’t Read in Romance Novels | Jessica Scott.

Jess is a witty blogger, fantastic author and respected colleague. You’re gonna love this post!


New Opportunity . . . eZine Short Stories

Check this out, fellow writers! A great opportunity to get your short stories pubbed and participate in a wonderful new venture called eFiction, five new genre fiction magazines each with stories to tell. And if you’re feeling exceptionally excited about the opportunity, why not make a donation so it can start off on the right foot? I am! Just click the photo for more information, or copy and paste this link into your browser: http://efictionmag.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=51b2c6bd9f3c7ad7ae56a5f91&id=208fc2d53f&e=105da4ac8a

Robot Video – Scary or Cool?

Tech Videos – Yahoo! News.

Saw this video clip from Yahoo! News and  wanted to share. It’s both fascinating and repulsive. But it’s also cool.  And creepy. A technological gem. Would I want to share space with one? I don’t think my comfort level is there yet.

That being said, wouldn’t this be a great storyline for a Paranormal/Sci-Fi? Oh yeah…it’s been done. I, Robot. Bicentennial Man. Terminator. Look back at the classic science fiction books of fifty years ago, penned by authors such as Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury. Many of their novels have become reality. Twilight Zone. Another great source for far-fetched tales with roots in the future.

What science fiction have you read or watched lately that you think is ground zero for the future?

I’ll start…”Aliens vs. Cowboys”. They’re heeere….. (Cowboys. Not Aliens. Yet.)


Review and Opinions are like . . . what? – New Kids on the Writers Block

Have you ever gotten a bad review? Check out my latest blog at New Kids~ Even the best writers can’t please everyone.

Review and Opinions are like . . . what? – New Kids on the Writers Block.

New Kids on the Writers Block

New Kids on the Writers Block. Read my Wednesday blog on pitching. There’s a link to Pitch University which is a fabulous resource for all writers. Check it out!

Perry, Bachmann galvanize Republicans in US race – Yahoo! News

Perry, Bachmann galvanize Republicans in US race – Yahoo! News.

I’ve lived in Texas. While I agree with Rick Perry’s assessement of our nation’s economic disaster, I can’t say I applaud his efforts to create jobs in Texas. If you are under 30 and can work for minimum wage, Texas is the place to be. My husband and I were forced to move to another state to find jobs. The double edged sword of the media is now swinging the other direction. For two years I’ve read about Texas being the hot spot for jobs. As the state’s population escalated from the influx of job seekers, so did the unemployment rate. I would rather have more quality and less quantity.

That being said, I think our politics are about to heat up to an interesting boil. In North Carolina, the majority of recent registered voters as well as those who have re-registered are remaining unaffiliated to a party. Both Democrat and Republican party officials agree that it is a sign the state’s residents are unhappy with the current state of politics.

I’m just happy that both parties could finally agree on something.