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A Delightful Diversion

Authors are a creative lot. Our imaginations are spurred by the simplest thing which often manifests into a novel or short story. We don’t just people watch. We study mannerisms, physical features, and voice inflections for character development. We are creatures of hot and cold. When we’re “on”, we  write non-stop, producing thousands of words while ingesting large amounts of caffeine and a single slice of toast. When we’re “off”, we play online games,  keep an active presence on social media, read the latest celebrity gossip, hike, paint, cook, play with the dog . . . basically anything to avoid working through a writer’s block.

And then there’s the family. A joyful cameraderie when we’re “off”. A bane when we’re “on”  which often results in frothing at the mouth. My children are grown but I still have a chatty husband. He’s the reason I write at night – well, part of the reason. I’m a night owl. He’s a morning person. I don’t like interruptions when I’m writing. He doesn’t like interruptions when he’s reading the news and drinking that first cup of coffee. So we enjoy our “quiet” time while the other sleeps which means we have lots of daytime hours to savor life.

And that’s exactly what we did on Sunday. We are currently camped near Why, Arizona which is a few miles north of the Organ Pipe National Monument. After loading up the dog, a picnic lunch and our binoculars, we headed to the twenty-one mile loop suitable for two-wheel drive automobiles. There are more roads for high clearance  or four-wheel drive vehicles but we chose the more developed route. Just because it was easier to navigate didn’t mean we were shorted on majestic landscape or breathtaking views as you can see from the photos below.

The best part? I was inspired by this delightful diversion and have been pounding the keyboard ever since. I’d pound it a lot more if my husband would shut up.

Travel and Fun Leave Little Time For Writing

As most know, we are full time RVers. The biggest adjustment for me as a writer has been balancing an unstructured lifestyle with structured writing time. I’m still struggling with it. I have two blogs, my author site and travel site (http://OlDogandMe.com) as well as manuscript commitments such as the second book in my Dead Men series and an ongoing anthology of short stories based on North American myth and lore. In the midst of all of that, I strive to fit in a few hikes and adventures.

I am the personification of too many irons in the fire! Yowsa!

But I’m trying – and I appreciate your support and understanding. When I spend too much time posting to OlDog and Me, I feel guilty about neglecting my author site and vice versa. I’ve considered combining them but haven’t figured out a way to successfully incorporate the different aspects of my writing and traveling.

All I can do is suggest you hop back and forth between the two websites to get an idea of what’s happening with my writing. Somewhere in the middle, I’m doing research for upcoming stories, fitting in a little touristy stuff and trying to achieve a happy medium.

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