What I’m Reading

SOUL SEARCHING With The Brass Band

by Vicki Renfro


soul-searchingEvery so often I feel the need to read something “deep” so I start looking for content to blow the cobwebs out of my mind and initiate internal debate. Some of my favorite go-to authors for such enlightenment are Carlos Castaneda, Dr. Wayne Dyer, James Redfield and Gregg Braden, just to name a few.

I am now adding Vicki Renfro to the list.

Ms. Renfro has written two novels in the Brass Band series and both have left me thinking about their characters and message long after the last page was read. That’s the sign of a good book!

Soul Searching with the Brass Band is Book #2 in the ongoing saga about a group of friends calling themselves the Brass Band. They are reincarnated souls led by a fearless Druid warrior, traveling through many lives together while working on their karmic debt and spiritual growth.

Make no mistake . . . this is an excellent work of fiction. Ms. Renfro exhibits an uncanny ability to tantalize the reader’s senses by crafting beautifully detailed scenes which draw you right into story. The characters are interesting, faceted, and likable . . . well, except for one particular villain who is deliciously evil and plans to create more problems for our friends in Book #3.

Even if you have no interest in metaphysics, reincarnation or mysticism, you’ll enjoy the time hopping story of Soul Searching with the Brass Band. And if you happen to find yourself thinking about spirituality and growth along the way, then I suspect Ms. Renfro will be pleased to know she served as a catalyst.