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Adventure took hold of my spirit at an early age, nurtured by parents who loved road trips. It was no surprise to anyone in my familial circle when I convinced my husband to sell everything and live the life of an RV gypsy. Each stop along the road presented an opportunity to explore, research unusual lore and seek out things that go bump in the night. I learned of local haunts, strange urban legends, oddball events, and scurried out of a few places that were downright eerie.

We have since traded our wheeled residence for a sprawling stucco in the Arizona desert but those adventures continue to flavor my novels and characters. I’ve included some of the more memorable experiences in ROAD TALES, Myth, Lore, and Curiosities from America’s Backroads.

Eventually, I penned a series of fictional short stories to accompany the lore. They remain unpublished.

However . . .

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